Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pop Quiz!!!

A subject has come up recently in the last week....once on the PlayBoyChannel...which I don't put a lot of stock into....they have this wild Idea that all women are one shot way from a being bi-sexual....I have tested that theory.....and it hasn't happened yet....there isn't that much booze for my door to swing open to that!
But anyway.....and then the subject came up again on the Today??....It was with Campbell Brown and she is on NBC...so.....it must be a valid topic to discuss.

So let's all weigh in....even the lurkers.....I know you're there....just click anonymous and type your answer.......and then you can go back to lurkin'. I don't bite....unless you like it.

What do you think about Fuck Buddys, Friends with Priveledges, or do you seek out a Relationship?
Which do you prefer?
Do you think it is an age thing for your choice or experience?


Jeannie said...

Hey girl! It was the vet that told me to use the cough med. and that antibiotics weren't necessary but that they adminster them in really bad cases or to ease the owner's minds. Go figure. The cats aren't coughing or anything (yet, keeping fingers crossed) so I'm not giving them ANYTHING. Ummm...now I need to go back and read the quiz. Good to see you out and about this fine foggy droll dreary )(*&*^*^* day!

VENTL8R said...

Maybe because my parents split when I was 8 and needing that subconscious desire to have a man in my life, I found that I need something solid and stable, not a passing whim. Though the thought of a passing whim has crossed this ol' noggin, but I've never acted on it. Ok, I take that back. There was this one time when I went back to visit my friends in college blah blah blah. Didn't like myself too much afterwards.

Damn morals my parents instilled....

ZooKeeper said...

I look for what I want at that time. I dated a guy for 2.5 that I wanted nothing more from than someone to hang out with and have those "priviledges." I was single for a year after that to decide what I really wanted in a man who could become my (second) husband. I was looking to date anyone. I had my list and then J stumbled into my life and fit that list to a T. I am happy now and am ready to have that serious type relationship.
And I like girl-on-girl porn, it doesn't make me a lesbian, I just have bi-sexual tendencies, hehe. :)

Diane said...

Hi Nadine: Thanks for coming by and leaving such nice comments for me on my last blog. I figured it would create a firestorm; but, so far, so good.
Now, onto your quiz...lol. After I left my husband 10 years ago, I was in no way ready for another relationship, but I wanted some "privileges". For about 2 years I had what I called "cuddle buddies". It was fine for awhile and it suited my needs at that time; but, after awhile it lost it's appeal. I realized that a one on one relationship is the best thing for me. I'm very happy now with my "Al". And for the second part of the quiz...I have never in my life had the urge to "swing" the other way.

Bri said...

After a nine year relationship ended, I went through a couple of years of nothing but "friends with benefits". I was surprised how many guys couldn't handle it, but that's all I wanted at the time. To answer your other question, I've never really had any interest in girl-on-girl porn or porn at all for that matter and I don't think I could drink enough booze to make out with another girl, though I've seen it happen.

Cindy said...

Hi Nadine
After being split up for 6 months after a marriage of 20 years, I wasn't looking for anything - "buddy", "benefits", or otherwise. And here I am in a "relationship". Not what I intended at all and still not sure if that's where I want to be either. But, all that being said, it's better than being alone ever was....and I'd much rather have one someone than a few!
As for the girl-on-girl...well, I've been known to kiss a few female friends when we're all out having a good time, but I don't think I could ever go so far as "girl on girl" action. The kissing is fine for getting the engine runnin', but a man is still what I want in bed!

Billie said...

Hmm... girl on girl? No thank you. I don't have any issues with women that are lesbian or bi-sexual but its not for me. Girl on girl porn or any other kind of porn doesn't excite me either. I find it absolutely boring. I would much prefer to be doing than watching.

I have to be in a relationship - one that I think is moving forwards. The more I care about the guy, the better the sex is. I had always thought this way. In somewhat recent history, I tried to go against these values and discovered it wasn't in my best interest. In one case, I was in a relationship but wasn't very vested in it and the sex was terrible. In another instance... with a friend... and I lost all feelings for said friend.

So... moral of that story for me is... only have sex with guys you are in a serious relationship with. Lucky for me... now married. You can't get more serious than that!!!


kfarm said...

Well with experience and age I would say frieds with benefits is the way to go. I find a relationship to demanding. I gotta have things my way! As far as the bi-sexual thing. No, that is Playboy WANTING women to go that route. Good grief that is every man's desire.

mannyed said...

i think it all depends on where you are in life (and with whom).

Diane said...

Hi Nadine: Thanks for coming by with the intent to stick up for me...lol. It is very surprising that everyone is taking my last blog so well....a very nice surprise. You remind me of my sis (Warmest)...she was always making sure that no one picked on me...lol.

Vickie said...

Hi Nadine
I think if everyone is on the same page there is nothing wrong with any of that. My self, there is only room for 1 male.

Sherrie said...

Mannnnnnnnnn I'm ALWAYS a day late these days ain't I???? Okay I'm gonna add me 2 cents worth anyway.

"Friends with benefits" all for it, if that's what the person is seeking at that time. To each their own, and it ain't no body else's beeswax!!!!

Porn......been known to watch one or two with da hubby.......well maybe one or two........but MAN you just gotta turn the volume off don't you agree? I mean HELLO if you can't make it SOUND as real as it LOOKS then put a plug in it! Oh wait.....uhm........that didn't sound right did it hehehe.

Girl on girl action? Not for me, like I said once way back in a blog.........they just don't got the right parts for this gal!

~hugs~......*that was strictly a platonic hug btw......I didn't even try to cop a feel!