Friday, March 30, 2007

Odd Conversations...

Roy was soakin' in the tub one day...and bitchin'...aaahhhh.....talkin' with me about something.
The minute I walk out of the room he will say something to me and I have to go back in there. We hash it out and I walk away....he says something and I have to go is a game.
So I asked him before I walked out, "Is there anything else you have to say to me before I leave? I will not be right in this area. I will be in the bedroom and I won't hear what you are bitchin' about."
"No, I have said all I have to say."
I walked out.
And of course he says something...he always does!! I want to just slap him!
So I go back..."What did you say?"
"I farted at you."


"So you are literally soakin' in your on juices."

"NO!!! I have total control over my gas/shit separator and I know that no shit was released."

Roll my eyes!!!

"Oh really! If I get Grissom to take a sample of your bathwater, I bet you money he will find that there is indeed fecal matter in that water that can be traced back to your DNA!"

He just grinned!!! He had to think about that one.

I walked out never to return!

Or at least until he hollers, "Hey Babe, can you bring me a Dr Pepper?"

Have a great weekend!!!


cathy said...

LMAO hey you need to stop by and visit now and then LOL
Have a great weekend, :)

VENTL8R said...

Ah, yes. Sifting, as I call it. That extraordinary ability to be able to sift out the gas from the solid with keen sphincter control.

It's an art, really.

Diane said...

Oh how I hate that!! My boyfriend does that too...waits till I leave the room and then says something, then I have to go back in. It must be a man
LMAO @ Grissom testing the bath water!! I love that show by the way.
You crack me up girl!!

Deborah said...

Yes, love Grissom! This was the best blog for my birthday, I so needed a great laugh, and my dear you absolutely provided it.

Jeankfl said...

Oh, no! I don't want to have any...I want ones I can send home when they get to be a pain!! lol They're fun, though..I've done my time! Roy just loves to yank your chain, doesn't he??lol

Sherrie said...

Okay *raises hand sheepishly* I must confess that I am the one hollaring things out from my bubblebath.......I think my family draws straws to see who gets stuck coming to see what I need hehehe. Of course sometimes I need nothing, I just like to make them jump :-D........