Sunday, March 25, 2007

My HomeTown....

Last year, my Grandparents were selected to by be Mr&MrsHomeTown. They got to be in a cool!!!

You remember those really cool parades that every town HAD...marching bands, The HonorCorp from the local college, Boy Scouts, horses, and every one smiling and waving becuz it was fun!!!

I remember being in one parade as a Twirler!! That's right, a twirler!!

I was 6 or 7 and I marched....proudly......the first of my ShowPony days. Twirling is a lost art.....shame really. Those cute little uniforms and those boots with the aunt's are still in the closet at Granny's. I wonder if I can fnd an outfit on hhhhhmm...

Anyway.....Back home, there was to be a carnival atmosphere....rides and games, Tractor pulls, a car and bike show.....woo hoo!!!

15 years ago, there was a beautiful baby contest. Ruby June entered SweetPea, her daughter...she was 18m. She had a real good chance of winning as she was the only girl entered! Only 3 kids!! One boy was dressed like a little Indian brave with a loincloth made from a chamois and his mommy as Pocahontas in her buckskin dress and braids. The other entry a little cowboy and he rode out on the stage on his hippity hoppy cute!!

And SweetPea was dressed in a beautiful green dress that JonBenet would be proud of....along with her vivacious AuntSissy....I didn't have a matching dress. Just my ShowPony Strut and Cleavage.

That was not enough to beat Sacajawea's long bare legs!!!

But last spring.....There was no Baby Contest.

There was no Car show.

There were no Tractor Pulls.

There was no Carnival atmosphere.

There was a parade...a very sorry excuse for one!!!

No band!

No horses!

No smiling people waving!!

They made my Granny and Grandpa walk 2 blocks! They are in their 80's....he has a bad back and she has bad knees!! My aunt was with them as Roy and I had staked out in the best position for filming the whole thing. We had no idea what was taking place down the block. My aunt is way more level headed than I am and finally got them a ride to the fire engine they were to ride in........after the TownCop turned her down!!!

There is a long list of things you do not mess with me over and Dickin' around with my Granny is at the tiptop of that list. I will nail your hide to the barn door and then beat you for hangin' crooked on it!!

Not give her a ride!! There would have been and Nadine Kan-Niption of Apocalyptic Proportions!

Then the parade started....and turned 50 frickin' feet from where I had sat all frickin' day in the heat!!!


The minute that clusterfuck of parade was over and my Nephew sang for the town....which was mostly filled with our family...Roy and I mounted up on our fastest pony and got the Hell outta Dodge!!!
"I've Never been to such a fucked up mess!!" Nadine Hightower Spring 2006


barnyardmama said...

That sounds horrible--making Granny walk in the heat. That cop should be ashamed of himself.

I still haven't seen your video--I'll check it out this week when I around some high-speed connection. This dial-up business is frightfully slow for that sort of thing.


Jeannie said...

I came by to see the video, couldn't figure out where it was and thought I'd snuck back out without being seen! LOL. Poor Granny...she should've kicked the cop's butt! Or, you should have! And talk about getting around...kinda hard on these loaner legs, but I'm getting there. Still need to get to OKC one day and meet up for some shopping and lunch! I love the fringed purse too. Thought about pulling it and keeping it for myself. Hope you've enjoyed your weekend. Hubby's about set to take off storm chasing so I'll be around more. See you around spaces!

beth said...

i love the parades of yesterday, not too many of them anymore the way they use to do them, the entire town would show up for the event. simpler times simpler pleasures back then

princess said...

Poor granny will this cop soon have a bag of poop on his door step lol...i have been wanting to see that it ok for my 6 yr old to see??? I don't get to see many that i would like to ...i really need to get a babysitter!!! I hope you had a wonderful week-end ..i was a good girl and did not shop well i did buy something at home depot a junction box and it rang up .01 cent lol supposed to be $4 something...that is for the bathroom in my basement as i have started working on the electric so i can put up the drywall...well my dad is doing the electrical ...i will do the drywall...ok i better get to work blah...come by you'll be proud of me :P Hugs ~PPA~ oh and now i understand the comment in the video lol

mannyed said...

I'm putting that cop in the hall of shame. whatta loser.

They should have you organize the parade next time!

ZooKeeper said...

Not much of an honor when they make ya walk...pooh!

So I'm still fixing to get me a gun and I was wondering if you could ask the hubs if he has any suggestions. I shot a couple 9mm but they had to much kick. I also shot a 22 mag which I liked and could hit the bullseye with but it seemed just a little too wimpy. I'd like something in between but closer to the 22. I don't know many people into handguns, it's all about rifles and shotguns around here.

cathy said...

I can't see the video, where is it?? If it's in the box Memory then it wants me to download some program and I can't at work so I'll have to come back and check it out at home. The nerve to make granny walk where was there manners, oh they didn't have any, I so miss the old parades and all of yesteryear seems like everything is to fast now, stop and smell the roses.
TTYL, cathy

MizAngie said...

In 2002 we went to a homecoming parade in one of the little towns we used to live in. There were a few horses, some little kids on bicycles, a flat bed trailer hauling the FHA, a pickup for the FFA, one old lady pulling a red wagon with her twin grandchildren in it with some sort of tribute to "the twin towers" and 9/11, and nine-jillion four-wheelers. It was pretty funny. Yet quaint and comforting somehow. My crazy brother pulled his t-shirt up over his hairy titties in an attempt to get beads. Nobody HAD beads at that parade but the FHA did throw us some candy...

Princess said...

morning :) not much going on except i got NO sleep last night...and not for a good reason just couldn't fall asleep grrrr so i am teetering on crankiness lol ..well i better go get more coffee before i doze off have a wonderful day hugs ~PPA~