Friday, March 23, 2007


I have posted a video....My School.....IT WORKS!!!!!!! I had it previewed by a few friends...Thank you 3bn, MzGina, and the Princess!!! For indulgin' you sit around with nothing to do waiting for me to bug you.....Hugs!!!!!
So I posted it on the front page so you can find it easy.......I figured it out!!!!
Woo Hoo!!!!!
I have loads to blog about and not the time.....big surgery day!!
And that Chick!!! Is droppin' off her mother's dog at 9:00!!!!!!

If you haven't gone to see "Wild Hogs"......GO!!!!
And be sure to sit thru the credits!!! Too funny!!!!
I drug Roy in Kickin' and Screamin'....."They are makin' fun of bikers!"


"Honey, They are not makin' fun of you." He is the real deal....He rode when it wasn't COOL! When he went into LawEnforcement, TheBrass wanted him to get rid of the bike....wrong image to project......He told them to get fucked!!! He had 3 Harleys during his career.
"They are makin' fun of the guys that ride only to the bar and then home. Not you." On a whim, he will ride to St Louis. Just to have the Arch in a picture with his bike.
Once he wanted to see how many states we......WE.......could do in one day.......I will tell you about that later. No time today.
He laughed during the movie, so I know he like it!
One of the guys in the movie stood on the side of the road when the biker gang rode by with his fist in the air......THE RIGHT WAY....sorta...."See Honey! They got that right. Fist high in the air!" He hates that low to the ground wave that modern bikers do.....BE LOUD AND PROUD!!!! HOLD YOUR FIST HIGH!!!!
"It's his throttle hand!!!"
You don't give the Harley Salute with your throttle hand!
Or the Finger!
Trust me.....When you give some one the Finger you want to be able to crank the throttle and speed away!!!

I can't take him to war movies either.....he sits there and crys out "That's Bullshit!" or calls cadence during the marching scenes....."One Two Three Four....I love the Marine Corps!" using his best R Lee Emery voice......Like we are the only ones in that whole theater!
When we went to see "Super Troopers", he laughed most of the way thru that...."Yep, we did that.....And that too....... Been there, done that!" And you know if you have seen that movie it is not something they should be doing!!!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!


Dawn said...

HEE HEE...loved the mini movie...

Have a great weekend Nadine.

mannyed said...

I do sit around all day waiting to critique things and fill out surveys. That's how I'm able tp respond so quickly...haha! :o) Just kidding.

Sherrie said...

I loved the video too!!! It sounded just how I always imagined you would sound :P.......ballsy lol.

Hubby and I took the kids to that movie, wasn't that little surprise at the end fantastic??? I knew I KNEW who it was, but I just couldn't quite remember, so I googled it when I got home. Talk about a great person to round off the movie eh?

Have a great day lady ~hugs~

Jeankfl said...

Oologah-Talala? Yea you for getting a movie up and working! I've never even tried one...I can barely do what I do!!LOL Cute vid..

-ksgrrl said...

My sister is a horse person, and she just can't watch Westerns because they usually change the horse between long shots and close ups. Drives her crazy.

Of course in a movie I saw on tv where one of the characters is a librarian, the character pulled a book of the shelf by grabbing it at the top of the spine and pulling down. No librarian would ever risk breaking the book's spine like that.