Thursday, March 29, 2007

Life is a Roller Coaster

One night I received a call from my daughter's Stepmonster....she is really sweet.
"When is the last time you heard from Eudora Mae?"
"Back before Christmas."
"She is missing."

That wasn't sinking in.

"She was supposed to be in Oklahoma City for a class and she never showed up."

I am still trying to wrap my brain around it. It takes time to sink in.
I heard my voice say something, I have no idea what it was.
"Her boss called DumbAss and now he is freakin' out." DumbAss is her boyfriend that can't seem to keep a job.

Now it hits me....DumbAss is freakin' out....Eudora Mae is missing.
My baby girl is missing. She is 22....but she will always be 4!!

"Have you called the Highway patrol?" wrecks.
"Have you called the hospitals?"
No but they won't tell you anything any way!! DAMN HIPPA!!!!!!!

"Keep me informed."

I crumbled!!!
I am not good in a crisis....Roy started tellin' how the cops work. If she had been in an accident they contact, "next of kin."

NEXT OF KIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't carry anything that say anything about callin' Roy...'cept everyone knows who we tag says that!! But Eudora Mae has nothing!!! Her Tag is probably expired or in the previous owners name!!!!!!

Deep a grown-up!

I called her cell phone....DumbAss answered....He was freakin'....he thought I was Eudora Mae.....I had to be an adult.
"Did she have plenty of gas?"
"Are you certain that she didn't make the class?"
He freaks out....NO!!!

I called the Stepmonster.

"Why does Dumbass have her cell phone if she is the one driving to the city?"
She doesn't know.
"You call the cops and get them to start a missing person's report and to look into Dumbass. He has beat on her in the past."

I had got my shit together.....I was slingin' orders!

She could have wrecked in the rain....and they just didn't know where to happens!
She is the stable child. She should be the oldest....she always was up first and got Edith Anne up and made sure she got on the bus....otherwise Edith Anne would still be in bed when I got home.
I sat down on the couch and planned what to do next....Where could she be?

What will I do with her babies?

Roy was trying to come up with what could have happened...and not anything good.
Do I get in the car drive to Ada?
Do I call the news and demand they show her photo?

My cell phone rings......"Mooooom! What's everyone so freaked out about?"

She was safe at home!
I can handle Junior MoodyBitch....I've had lots of practice!
But closing the lid of the casket on my baby girl.....whole other story!!!


VENTL8R said...

Oh worst fear being a parent. I will keep you in my prayers that this will work out.

katy said...

I would be a complete wreck--a complete wreck. Especially with a boyfriends like that! Maybe you should dirve up there and kick some ass for good measure.


Beth said...

Its is crazy how fast the panic can set in and we all think the worst. So glad she is home safe and you can stop worrying. Smack the dumbass just for good measure it will make you feel better !!!
Just goes to show you that no matter how old they get you still worry as if they were "4" still.

mannyed said...

I agree with Katy, a good ass kicking is in order for freaking out the entire family, including someone referred to as DumbAss. And tell her never to go anywhere without her cell!!

Here's a lil tip that someone shared with me a little while ago:

In your cell phone book, put I.C.E (stands for In Case of Emergency) in front of the name you would like cops; EMT; etc. to contact should something happen to you. For example I have ICE next to my mom's name and The Husband's name. Apparently emergency people know what ICE means.

Diane said...

Hi Nadine: First off, I'll respond to your my opinion, your Daddy was running that converyor a beautiful, wonderful way to look at it. Love Ya Sweetie.
I'm so glad that your bundle of joy that came down that conveyor belt is okay. I know that feeling of panic all too well and it's not pleasant to say the least. Maybe you should go visit her...give her a great big hug and then kick her butt for worrying everyone like

Beth said...

so glad that she was found safe and sound!!!!!

cathy said...

Oh Hell NO
TG she finally called and why the HELL is she with Dumbass if he's beat her Oh Hell a whoop ass is what he needs for sure, and a job. I hate when the phone rings late in the evening scares me to death that it'll be my son or someone calling telling me my son is hurt or whatever. Arrgg kids never a moment of piece. Ok enough blabbing, have a great weekend I'm going to go partying oh yeah,

MizAngie said...

What a little drama queen! And thank God she's okay!!!!!!!! I couldn't help but laugh, though, because you call her boyfriend Dumbass. That's what we call my nephew's wife (that and Lying Bitch). As a couple we call them Dumb and Dumber because of their poor decision making ability. Ha!! You've earned a margarita, my friend!!

Sherrie said...

I got a giggle out of the "dumbass" comment, we call my g/f's ex hubby "The Knob"...fits him to a "T"!!! Glad she was home safe and sound.

I've got my worry cap on again, the kids fly home tomorrow, had a bizarre little dream I couldn't figure out just lastnight, saw my father in it, spoke to him, can't remember what we said. He's been gone for 36 years.....I've decided to look at it as him coming to tell me they'll be fine and he's keeping an eye on them :-)...yea that works......better than all the other freaky ideas I have swimming in my head at the moment. Man oh man they just need to hurry up and get the heck home!

Have a great day ~hugs~