Sunday, March 04, 2007

Life in the Fast Lane....

Or maybe from the passenger seat it just seems fast!

So Roy did his list of chores to be able to drive to Branson, his bag was packed, he made a liquor run, and won some money at the casino.
That wasn't on the list but he does so much better without me....really is something we can't figure out.....I'm a MoJo works against him....seriously!! But that is another tale for another day....
Off we went! He decided he could use the car against itself......downshift to brake, givin' him time to move the bad leg to the break....good in theory!!
A couple of times, I was a bit scared when he should have been brakin' much quicker than he did and once the car in front us STOPPED at the yield.....why do people do that??? It's a freakin' yield sign.....YOU YIELD TO TRAFFIC NOT STOP!!!
Then on the other end of the spectrum I have those who don't yield to me.....Oh wait let me yield!!! I'm the one with the right of way!!! Let me whip this invisible yield sign outta my ass and I will stop!!! Freakin' DickHead!!!

Where were we???

On the road to Branson....Good Golly Miss Molly!!! That hurt him to brake that quickly.
We weren't in the hotel room 5 minutes when he announced that I would be drivin' from now on!
He took totally advantage of that aspect....He had a two margarita lunch!!! The waitress turned to me and asked if I wanted another, "No thank you, I'm shoppin'."
And did I ever!
I scored 3 pair of hi-top Converses, Red thongs with a cute wedge of wood and leopard print suede, the red patent high heals.......They match the cute little teddy from Victoria's Secret....Roy picked them out.
And he wanted!!
He's in there right now packin' his hail in his ammo cans....with his little label maker thingy....Men!!
The Branson Landing has something for everyone.....and the shops are great. The restaurants are fabulous!!

If you are ever in the gotta shop there!!


Beth said...

Ooh, I love shoes. You and Roy can shop for shoes for me anytime you want!!!!

How was the drive home?

Katy said...

Oh, shoe shopping. Color me jealous. I've taken a bit of a hiatus--too many cute heels I can't balance in.


partyprincess said...

So I guess it's a man thing only they know how to drive, lol

mannyed said...

"No, thank you I'm shopping"...hahaha! I'm gonna have to borrow that one.

diane said...

Hi Nadine: LOL...yield means to wait for an opening and then yield. Maybe they had to stop cause there was a car coming. Oh might be different where you are. That's the funny thing about blogland...I keep forgetting that I'm talking to people in other parts of the world. Things might be different where they
Glad you got some nice new shoes. Makes the whole trip worthwhile, don't ya think??

ZooKeeper said...

Mmmm Shoes...I saw the cutest pair of Steve Madden peep-toe pumps. I was drooling all over em and J made me keep walking. Too bad I never dress, I guess it was best.