Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm Not a Rocket Scientist!!!

Ruby June,
Help me!!! I would like some ringtones!!!!!
Roy can't hear the beep boop tingley things that are in the phone. He would like that frog/lizard thing that sounds like a motorcycle. But I have no clue how to get it!!!
I tried my cell phone people...or rather the internet office of my cell phone people and didn't get anywhere.
So I trotted my HappyButPerplexedAss down the local store where I bought the damn thing.....and that is where the problem or lack of help began!
First, becuz the cell phone contract is in Roy's name, I am as useful as a tit on a boar. I can only stand there and tell the kid what I want but becuz Roy isn't there I can't get it done. That shit drives me nuts!!!!
Secondly, he says "let's try this." And tells me to purchase a Motorola Photo Tool Cd from EBay and I can easily load whatever song I have in my collection to my cell as a ringtone!!!!
That sounds like THE MOST PERFECT SOLUTION to this problem.
I don't have to spend 10 Bucks a month to get ringtones when all I want is one!!
Well, okay two....I want VooDoo Child for mine.
So Off I go to order the CD....only I found it on Amazon....I trust them....and I received it in one week!! I ordered some flannel jammies from Vicky's Secrets and it took them 3 weeks to come...what is that all about????
But I now have the CD and the answer to Roy's problem just a couple of clicks away.
I realize it won't be the motorcycle one but I can use CCR or Nugent and he will surely be able to hear those.

The songs that I have, The wavs I have collected or any of the sounds that I do have.....are the wrong freakin' code or whatever to load on the freakin' phone!!!!!
The only ones that will are the bootlegged songs, PreNapster VS MetallicaDays, will allow me to crop and work with!!! Go figure!!!
So I worked on the 4 songs that I have and cropped and worked into the perfect thing for Roy and loaded them into his phone.....reset his ringer....which by the way is not the easiest thing in the world either.....why can't I have a "USER-FRIENDLY" phone?????
And then I called his phone to listen to the ring....Wild Thang...my personal ringtone!!!! So aptly fits, don't you think??
And all that damn phone did was light up!!!
The only ones that will work in the freakin' phone are Midi's!!!!
And do you know what they sound like....beep boop tingley versions of Bohemian Rhapsody and I Walk the Line....do you know how pitiful that sounds???????????

Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


kfarm said...

I have t-mobile so I just go online and download. Sorry,

Jeankfl said...

Sorry, I'm as stupid as the day is long about that stuff..I have Cingular and I just go to a website and send it to my phone... Maybe I'll send the 5 year old with the loud Heels over..kids can do ANYTHING with computers and phones nowadays!! lol

Billie said...

Will you think less of me if I just use the defaults that come with the phone?

*sheepish look* I just want my phone to sound like a phone when it rings.

So what that all means to you is that I am about as useless as tits on a hen.


mannyed said...

Okay, come down. Deep breath. Whose your carrier?; How old is the phone?

I'm sure you can do a search for your ring tone that you want, pay a nominal fee and download it to your phone.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the phone problems they do that on purpose so you will buy a new phone all the time to keep up with the forever changing electronics stuff grrr i just have the stupid noises that come with the phone for mine the one that irritates me the least hehe plus i don't pay for this phone it's a motorola radio one so i can be reached from Fla from the bossman...ok i G2G back to work is it friday yet???? Hugs ~PPA~

Anonymous said...

I deleted my blogger today, seems the freak has been there and now has created her own. I will just keep my msn spaces where i can keep her out. I have no suggestions on the ringtones, the kids play with that and i don't pay any attention to it. Have a great Humpday