Saturday, March 17, 2007

I'm A Lurker!


I said it!!

I Lurk!!!
I have to lurk.....well....I don't HAVE TO DO IT......But MSN is driving me to it!!
Every Freakin' time I go over and try to leave a comment I get some sortta error and I try again and again and again......until I have left at least 30 comments!!! I look like PsychoChick!!
Which by the way, is better than Super MoodyBitch.......I kept her in check with a handful of M&M's every morning......Go figure!!
So I lurk via Google Reader.
I can read all the blogs I love but no comments can be left.....I am there...You can't see me!!!


Diane said...

Hi Nadine: don't lurk at my always leave a comment for me and this time it didn't multiply on you!! I know...MSN sucks...but, I still love it and not quite ready to leave yet.

Jeankfl said...

LOL! I just hate it when MSN sucks like that! Sometimes it will let you comment if you leave and come back..some days I try quite some time...I'm stubborn, can you tell? Hey..we're having a "street dance" here on the Island Apr. 14th 5p-10p. music, food, Daryl Starbird is bringing over some cars...face painting, dancing, you know, just a "community get together". Thought you might like to know!

MizAngie said...

Ya sure can tell you ain't a basketball fan! To not even care that a team from your state is at home and mine is still in it ta win it(as Hillary says? Ha!! Keep a good thought for my Aggies. Lurk if you must but I sure do love your comments!!

Katy said...

Yeah-that's one of the reasons I think about leaving MSN sometimes--I hate that you have to sign in, AND I hate when they make your comment appear a million times. It's especially bad when it's a comment that you put a lot of feeling into and there it is in triplicate. Scary!

Read back a bit. . .friends with benefits? I was never that type of girl. And I don't feel one drink away from being bisexual--girls just don't have the right parts. AND I don't mean dirty stuff--more like abs, and biceps, and pecs. Not the same on a girl.

Good posts recently--I'll have to figure out my different names--one I could figure out was Black Buster. Made me laugh.


Sherrie said...

Lurk away....besides I deserve it, with my lack of blogging these days!

Have a good one tomorrow, I shall be wayyyyyyy over here chewing the skin from my fingers :|

mannyed said...

Which is one more reason why I should switch to blogger. Sigh.

Beth said...

feel free to lurk all you want !!! So how was your weekend?