Thursday, March 01, 2007

Doctor! Doctor! Give Me the News!!

Roy woke me up in the night by fidgetin'......well....not really fidgetin' so much as squirmin'!! It was drivin' me nuts!! I was not happy!! Fidgetin' is my pet peeve....but squirmin' is grounds for divorce!!!

He got up and started to get ready for work, then decided that something was wrong. He has a pain in his side....very painful when he walked. That was why he was squirmin'......he couldn't find a comfortable spot.

I promptly asked him if he wanted to go see the doctor.
I have an unnatural fear of appendicitis.

In Kindergarten, a girl nearly died from it and I have been freaked out about ever since. I don't know how many times I have gone to my Granny with a pain in my side for her to tell me it just gas! "It will Pass."
So here is Roy with a pain in his side!! And he passes gas like nobody's business!

He went to work with me so I could take to the doctor later....appointment at 11:50....that give us plenty of time to come up with all kinds of things....hernia....tumor....blood clot....emergency surgery was bound to happen!!!!

Pull my Hair Out!!! OH GOD!!!!

After seein' the doctor, Roy was in much better spirits!

Not like the day I took him in to have the lump in his groin looked could have been a tumor....I can't have a tumor THAT close to Elvis!!!!! I tease him all the time about havin' a brain tumor but one too close to Elvis......That dog don' hunt!!
I was so freaked out!!!
He came out of the office practically tap dancin'!! That doctor have him a script for Viagra!!


"How, pray tell me in the great wisdom of your manly universe, is that suppose to help the lump?!?!?"

"It's a new type therapy!"


Am I that dumb??


So this trip, he came out of the office singin'..............."I like to live on the edg-jaa." I hate the freakin' commercial!!!

"My doctor said, 'Your wife beat on you, didn't she?'"


"No really, what did he say?"

"I kid you not, That is what he said!"

It is a total is a world that is totally Men Vs Women!!!

In reality....such as it is for him......He somehow pulled a tendon in his sleep. You ask how that is possible.....apparently during his sleep his stretched and twisted his tendon...the big one....whatever.....and injured himself.

Good grief Gerty!!!

And just for the record.....the viagra therapy does not work for on strange lumps in the groin!!!


diane said...

Hi Nadine: Sorry I haven't been by for awhile, but I got hit really hard by that nasty flu bug. I'm feeling much better today.
There's only one thing worse than male patients and that's male doctors!! I changed to a female doctor 2 years ago and I'm sooooo glad that I did.
The stupid male doctor that I used to have totally ignored my complaints about the pain in my back. Now, 5 years later, I'm on a disability pension. Which might not have happened if he had paid attention to me.

ZooKeeper said...

So if Viagara doesn't help with strange lumps....has it helped anything else??? Hmmmm?

mannyed said...

HAHAHAHAH! Great post! The Husband sings that freaking annoying "I like to live on the enjaa" song EVERYTIME the commercial comes on! Tell Roy that a pulled tendon is what he gets for squirming in the first place!

and OMG, did you see Idol lastnite...kelly pickler!! email me!

Jeannie said...

Okay, so does the viagra work on other kinds of lumps? Like tulumps? or hepalumps? Some such stuff? I'm not sure those are words but you get my meaning! How's the weather over your way? I feel like I'm stuck in a time warp and have reentered the dust bowl of the great depression. How depressing! Are you sure he pulled the tendon by "squiriming?" There must have been some majorly active squirming going on! Pray tell what YOU were doing to make him squirm, 'cause I sure don't want Andy incapacitated with a pulled "tendon". LOL. Have a great weekend girl!

Billie said...

Im with everyone else... what were you doing BEFORE you went to sleep!

Sometimes it takes a while to feel the effects of any activity.

I called my honey at break and he said he is feeling better all the time. Whew! I was getting so worried that something serious was wrong with him that we wouldn't be able to fix easily.

Now... looking forward to the weekend!


Sherrie said...

No but I hear it makes the groin lumpy :-D........that's a GREAT thing!!!!!!!!