Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Chick That Felt Sorry for My Fish...

For lack of anything better......

This woman, she is a bit odd. The BossMan and I think she's a stripper....You would have to see her......Not real pretty but has a great build and THOSE have got to be fake boobs....She dresses a little...okay.....a lot younger than her age....But that isn't the point.

I absolutely hate to deal with her. She wanted her cat put to sleep as she could no longer take care of him and as there is absolutely NOBODY on the face of the Earth that can take care of that cat the way she does....she should just put him to sleep.
Our conversation went something like this:
Her: "I would like to put my cat to sleep."
Me: "Is he ill?"
Her: "No. I just can't keep him any longer....." And she went into the whole speech about how she is ONLY one that would take care him.
Me: "Are you sure that you don't want to try to find him a home? There are a lot of caring people that would welcome a house cat."
Her: "No, They would just turn him out into the wild where he would die."
Me: "But yet you want to euthanize him?"
There was dead silence.
So sad!
I told her options.
She opted to drop him off. And when she came in she had her speech prepared...the one to tell me off! She didn't care for my attitude.
Me: "I have a problem with people thinking that THEY are the only PEOPLE that can care for an animal. There are so many caring elderly people that live alone that would love to have a housecat. But you want to put this one down because you think you are doing the HUMANE thing??"
She didn't say too much but still very adamant about putting him to sleep. And then she said,"Are YOU going to just throw him in with the dogs for them to eat him?"
Well that was the straw that broke the camel's back!!!
"YOU have got to be kidding! What kind of place do you think we run here. This is a hospital to take care of the sick animals of owners that don't think twice about what it cost to make the animal better! That is the most asinine thing I think I have ever heard!"
Why I'm not fired I have no clue!!!
But that woman left the cat.....to be euthanized. And we did it.

That was how we started our "Relationship"...she still comes in...she's damn nervy!!
So......I don't even remember why she came...but she did. And saw my betta fish on the counter. "OOooh That is just so sad."
I roll my eyes. And I try not to be baited into a battle with her.
"He just looks so sad."
He was swimming around in the bowl, showing off....that was one proud betta!!
"That is just too bad."
And still I don't fall for it.
"I feel sorry for all those fish at Walmart. Look. He is just so sad."
I continue getting whatever it was that she was wanting. And I could hear her talking to the fish and telling him that she was so sorry for him.
"That is soooo sad."
I had had enough!!
"So do you think I should take him out back and dump him in the creek to free in the wild where the snakes and turtle would eat him....I mean he wouldn't last too long. He is a tropical fish."
She looked at me stunned!
"Well No, you are right. He is best off here. I even get upset about cow in the fields."

She had on leather pants!!!!!!!!!!!!

What the Hell is she doing in Oklahoma?????????

I wonder what drugs she is on.....got to be the good ones!!!


Diane said...

Holy Moly....that lady is a KOOKOO BIRD, a looney-tune, a blithering idiot, etc. etc....lol. I sure wish I had been standing beside her when she was in there to have her cat put down. I would have ripped a strip off of her the likes you have never witnessed before in your life.....I would....really!!
P.S. Glad you're not fired...lol.

VENTL8R said...

Wow....what to say....

Do you have high blood pressure, by chance? ;-)

Just reading this post got my hackles up.

I'm speechless, and that's saying a lot!

Mannyed said...

let's put that biotch to sleep!

She makes me sick.

Beth said...

What a whacko, i would have taken her cat home with me !!!! She needs fed to the sharks !! I bet after she left in those leather pants she went out for a hamburger or steak !!!!!!
There are always those people out there who think they know it all and are better then everyone else....you know the kind, "i was raised with morals and values " " what is wrong with everyone else for not being as perfect as me" !!!! They are everywhere ya know !!!!! They will preach the bible and go home and get stinken drunk and crazy(even stalk people).....go figure
glad you have your job still, sorry the fish didn't spit at her !!!

cathy said...

OMG she's a nut case why let her in she doesn't have anymore pets does she, and you really put the cat down? :( some people have no clue of how much animals are loved.
yeah good thing you didn't get fired, but bossman figures you just said what he wanted to !!!!

Kendra said...

sometimes, you should be able to slap people. For their own good.

Sherrie said...

Don't ya just wish you could have put her down instead???? Oi....crazy people, ya just gotta...well......wait....is it illegal to shoot em? hehe

Oh btw LOVED the video LOL and nope you sure as heck didn't too out too bad lady!

Anonymous said...

OMG........What a crazy one!!!! Yeap, I would have taken her cat home too.She probably is one of those people that control everything around them even the pets.I bet her husband is some old sugar daddy that buys her anything she wants as long as she anwsers his call when the viagra works once a month.I bet when she has kids they will be like the kitty and if they disobey her they will be put away.HEHE
She is insecure about how she was raised and needs to down grade anyone that she thinks might actually be a better person than her.She can't stand when people were actually brought up in a moral enviroment knowing she has failed miserably at her own life.I bet she even thinks not only is she number one but i bet she lives through other people's lives.She thinks everyone wants what she has or is and the funny think is we all hate these sort of folks don't we.She thinks others are so brought back by her existance that she lives in her fairy tale land daily.Poor Kitty just think when she gets to heaven she may be treated the same and no one will want her either.