Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Answers to the Pop Quiz....

Which you realize that there are no wrong answers.....We each do what we feel is best for us and those in our lives....those that have small childern should think about the impact of our decisions on them.
I have had all 3....I prefer long term relationships. The sex is so much better when you are in love!
I think we all go thru phases of each trying to find ourselves, learning how our bodies work. Whether is be in High School or College or after a divorce...or during a marriage...whatever floats your boat....we experiment.
Not one man left me a message....I was a bit shocked by that...Super MoodyBitch might have scared them off!
Roy started out being a No Strings Fling and turned into a fabulous marriage. We click.....we are like peas and carrots! When he stepped into my life I dropped all "privileged friends" which I prefer over Fuck Buddies. The last few years of my first marriage that is what I felt....I just used him to work off that sexual tension. My heart was not in it and I had NO respect for him at all.
One Night Stands...not for me...Too many creeps in the world.
I have had a friend with privileges that I only slept with twice....we saw each other a lot and all we did was talked. He had a girlfriend that he planned on marryin'.....I wasn't about to alter his plans in any way.....and I just liked to flirt with him......He blushed so pretty......I wonder about him every once in awhile.
I am a little envious of those women that waited until they were married to have sex. You don't have to explain yourself becuz despite how much a man loves that fact that you know what you are doing.....they hate the fact that you learned it with another man!! I say pour yourself into that man and learn what he likes and what you like, talk about it! I worked with a woman that was into her marriage 2 years and her hubby had never saw her naked. They had sex with the lights off....weird! I can't imagine not seeing Roy, bathing with him, tick checks, sharing a bathroom with him let alone sex!

As to porn....I like it. It doesn't matter what they do, it's hot!
And I have to agree with one blogger.....the girls from the PlayBoyChannel are catering to a man's fantasy!!

And to those who suggested Tequila and Chocolate for controlling Super MoodyBitch....Do you know that they make a liqueur that is Chocolate flavored Tequila???????
I am in Heaven!!!!
Now I just have to find it! I can't order it off the Internet becuz of states laws about shipping Alcohol.....if they only knew it was for medicinal purposes!!!!!!
It's saving a life....Roy's!!
When Super MoodyBitch told him that EVERYTHING smelled like shit.......from the cats to his breakfast.......he just smiled, picked up his lunch and walked to the back door, "Lock me out Please!"

And one more thing.....Thank you for your thoughts on the subject. One lurker came out from behind the curtains. You are welcome to leave a comment anytime!


Vickie said...

Hi Nadine
Spec's Liquor in Houston carries Turrin Chocolate & Jose Cuervo little shot bottles 2.5 oz. I didn't even know that exist. Sounds interesting

Sherrie said...

Where do I get me some of those chocolates!?

Hope you have a great day tomorrow lady :-)

mannyed said...

Nadine: I am so finding those chocolates and sending them your way.

I'll send it to:
C/O SuperMoodyBitch

It will find you, right?

cathy said...

I love when you visit, makes it look like I'm popular LOL I just read previous blog and I've always been the type to have a relationship first then it was act like a lady in public and a whore in bed, I've been lucky it's worked for me. If I find any of those chocolates I'll send some up well maybe if I don't eat them first, and what's wrong with a recliner try it he-he
TTYL hugs~cathy~

Jeannie said...

I kinda like lurking, it's almost like voyeurism (smirk!). Those tequila chocolates sound awesome! Yum yum, give me some! (WTF! I've tried publishing 3 times, now! WTF!)Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! That's 4...count 'em....4 times! (tearing hair out by the roots!) WHY WON'T IT LET ME PUBLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you end up getting this like 10 gadzillion times, please feel free to repeatedly hit the delete button!