Wednesday, March 28, 2007

8 States in One Day.....

Doesn't sound too tough....In a car...No biggy!
But on a motorcycle....HUGE BIGGY!!!
On July 3rd 2002, Roy got a wild hair up his ass and said "Let's see how many states we can ride thru in one day!"
Why not!
We mapped it out and chose the best route....Checked the Weather Channel....which was a joke!! They said rain.....right!
We left the house at 5:30 Am, and by 6 we had knocked out 2 states and were into the third. We rode all day long in the Great State of was was flat...and it was hot!!!
Triple digit hot!!!
I didn't drink a lot of water so that we didn't have to stop a lot.
Big Mistake!!
As we rode over the Mississippi River and into Illinios, it sprinkled on us...very refreshing! The only rain that fell that day!!
And 15 minutes later I was standing beside the roadside under the "Welcome to Kentucky!" sign.
That's what we do....stop at every state "welcome" sign and take a pix. How else are you going to prove you were there?
And that is about all I remember of Kentucky!
And that missed turn I made.....Roy looked at me like "What?" And I looked back at him like, "Just Lead!"
We can't really communicate with those helmets on. Both are full face and with those loud pipes the best we can do is hand are arm signals to each other.
But the problem was I was getting dizzy, dehydrated and I needed to lay down! Lack of water and that heat with that helmet on...I was getting sick! My brain was rattlin' around my head and I couldn't see straight. But he kept going!
As we crossed into Tennesse....he looked around and motioned to me, "Where is the sign?" I thumbed over my shoulder.....he rode right under it!! It's up in the trees and he didn't see it!
20 minutes later, I know that I have had enough and needed to stop....asap! Or I was goin' down!!
And he hates it when I go down on that motorcycle!!!
My first wreck....yes first.....was not but a half mile from the house. I just did a turn all wrong and went into a ditch.....Planted my left foot on the ground but the rest of me went flyin' over the windshield!! I had a twisted ankle and a bruise on my thigh the size of turkey platter!! But Roy was real cool about it....WE had an audience.....and his loved one just went down....This was no time to freak!!! Calmly, he dismounted his bike....walked casually over to see that there wasn't anything broken....on the bike!!
And then turned to me and asked if I could get up and get back on!!!
I don't think so Dave!!! (Name that movie!)
So anyway back in Tennesse....I motioned to him that I needed to stop. He agreed...It was time for gas......20 frickin' miles later......we find a gas station.
"Pitch the tent! I am done!!"
He started givin' me the speech. "Buck up! Memphis is only an hour away. Be a Man!"
"A Man!!!??? My Manhood has nothin' to do with you remember the time I passed out on you?" His eyes widened....He remembers!!!
He gave me money for Gatorade and we sat there for about an hour...until I could see straight!
He limped me on into Memphis...of course we got lost....when you see a hooker in a purple velvet have taken a wrong turn!!!
I was having flashbacks of being trapped in Kansas a car with my Grandpa....for an hour!!!!!!!
Just turn around!!!!
And go back and start over!!!!! You do not want to be trapped in Kansas City with me and old ain't pretty!!!
So Roy and I turned around and found the right road. And pretty quick we were over the Mississippi River again and into Arkansas. We set up a hotel....MY KIND OF CAMPIN"!!!
We left my bike there and rode on into Mississippi for dinner on his bike.
8 states....over 650 miles in 15 hours!!!!
Would I do it again???
Oh Hell Ya!!!


Sherrie said...

When you go for a day trip you really GO for a day trip! Sounds like a blast mind you, can't wait to hear about the next one.

Oh I found the poll by the way ~blush~......yea yea I'm slow somedays lol.

Have a good one! ~hugs~

MizAngie said...

I felt weird voting on boobs. Yech.

It's a good thing y'all were riding through those little-bitty states. Try riding through Texas!! It takes longer to go from Tyler to El Paso than Tyler to Atlanta, GA. Sheesh.