Saturday, February 24, 2007

What Else Are Good Friends For???

Date Night was also a very special friend's 30th birthday.She was having a hard time with 30.

I told it's no biggy!! I have been in my 30's for 12 years now and it isn't so bad!!

Roy told her she didn't look a day over 40!

What a guy!

We met at Red Lobster for dinner. Her hubby...he is an idiot.....wouldn't let her drink until after she ate her meal becuz the last time she had a mixed drink before dinner it made her so sick that she just couldn't eat.

No fear! Nadine is here!!

After she at half her meal she ordered her margarita....HE was not pleased! He really is a stick in the mud. He didn't want to take go out this weekend becuz he wants to go out next weekend to see "Wild Hogs"....What????

This weekend or that weekend....GO EVERY WEEKEND!!!!!
Only an idiot would think that you can only go out every once in awhile....geez!!
And people wonder why they grow out of touch with their spouse?

People you have to get out there and live!!
Not stay home on your couch!
Sure there are kids to raise and bills to pay but there are times when you have to go stretch your have to broaden your have to get on your motorcycle and feel the breeze in your face!!

What ever your thing it!!
If you love to play it!
If you love to it!
I can't say this enough.....LIFE IS TOO SHORT! LIVE IT!!!

And where was I going with all this....aaahhhhhh....

It was her birthday and he wanted to wait for next weekend!! When HE wanted to do something....selfish Bastard!!
This was her 30th birthday! It is landmark!! The kids have been born....she has her masters....she has plans....SHE IS A MODERN WOMAN!!!

Hear her roar!!

So after dinner was eaten and all the man talk was over, I asked the waitress for tequila shots in honor of her big day! The men declined! Her hubby was very nervous about her drink straight booze....she is a was her 1st time!

She was very was cute!
"I'm a professional. Baby, we can do this together!"

I showed her the ropes...salt....knock it back.....and then the lime!!

Roy was giving her pointers....He is a pro too!

And lick, salt, knocked back half....and that was good for beginner..."OH GOOD LORD!!" and then the lime!!

Woo hoo!!!

Roy and I were proud of her!! He taught her how to ride her motorcycle....and I would give that girl a kidney!

She chased it down with half a glass of water and took a deep breath and went for the rest!! What a gal?!!

Later in the bathroom, she said, "Thank you I needed that!"

"Happy Birthday, Girlfriend!"


Dawn said...

Woo Hoo....happy birthday to your girlfriend...30 ain't so bad....

Sherrie said...

Here's hoping you weren't in the bathroom holding her hair whilst she was praying!!!!!! Tequila isn't for the faint of heart hehe. I'd sling a few back with you any day girl.

Oh and about the get out there and live thing........could you tell my hubby that? Thanks....much appreciated!

Have a great day lady ~hugs~

Kfarm said...

You are speaking to my heart on this one. Somewhere along the road while I was raising my kids and trying to be the perfect wife I forgot how to have fun. Thanks baby!

MizAngie said...

Lick it
Slam it
Suck it

Mmmmmmm!! And tequila shots are good, too!!!!!