Friday, February 02, 2007

Well Poop My Pants!!

There was a great comotion out on the back porch!
Two kittens came running from the kitchen with tails fuzzed out to the max!!
For those without cats it means their tails are 100 times bigger than normal....they look like those Halloween cats that people tape up on their doors....their bodies are humped up and the tails are straight in the air.
These two ran into the living room and stood behind me....I am the MommaCat! They looked back into the kitchen from behind my legs and then would look up to me as if to say, "Momma, There is something out there. Fix it!!"
Then one of the older cats went running thru the house....a rare thing....they are normally more laid back about things....except for CatNascar.....this cat ran all the way into the other room and stopped. He was 100 time his normal size. He looked back towards the kitchen and then to me as if to say, "There is something out there, Mom! Fix it!"

I looked at Roy, "Honey, Something is out there! You need to fix it!"
He, of course, was not excited one bit!
So I had to handle it.
One of our ExCats came back to eat and the OutdoorCats took exception to that!! Stubby had all the cats hissin', spittin', and swattin'....the HSSMove!
I see it quite a lot!
He had been run off by them once before and he went to live at one of the neighbor's homes. He is a great cat but just can't stand mine!
Anyway he was out on the back porch eatin' and all the growlin' that goes with HSSMove scared the HouseCats....naturally!

So all was back to normal until I started to smell something very gross!
"Honey, do you smell that? It smell like someone pooped their pants!!"
"Yea, I smell it. Did you?"
"Right! I would do that!?"
Then I saw what it was....The older cat that ran last was in front of the woodstove lickin' his ass!
I knew exactly what happened! He had been scared from the litterbox in the middle of his poop!!
"Honey, Do you want to hold him or lift the tail for clean up?"

Welcome to Nadine's CatHouse!!
Always a Blowout!


Sherrie said...

Awwwww look at those babies, they look so much calmer in Momma's arms! I see my last comment actually worked so hopefully I have this figured out. Takes me a bit these days lol.

Have a great day tomorrow lady ~hugs~

MissBeth said...

Hey there, Did you all watch the "Splash Bowl" !!! Quite the interesting game i must say
Have a great week

~PPA~ said...

Morning :) i did not watch the game unless there is a party to go to i won't watch it...i used to go to my sister's every year w/ my numbers hoping to win the pool, used to make them mad when i did lol someone who doesn't watch at all, (suffer the weekly heart aches)and then wins hehe......i have a dof & i have had the same thing happen gotta love the sink sprayer makes it much easier to clean up then i bleach the sink lol ok enjoy your day hugs ~PPA~

ZooKeeper said...

Them kitties are so cute. Too bad they don't stay that way.