Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Trixie's Toy

One day last week as I came thru the door Roy asked me, "Did you see the dog?'
"Yeah, Trixie walked up the path with me."
"Not her. The other one."
So looked out the back door and I didn't see anything.
He said, "Look in the dog house."
I went out and looked in the dog house to see a puppy! Roy had found him on the doorstep when he came home. Trixie put it in the dog house!
Neither of us are sure of where it came from. Whether someone put on the porch or if Trixie needed a pet so she stole it from one of the neighbors. As none of the neighbors have came around asking about it, someone must have left it up here. It is too small and young to have wonder up here by itself.
Roy has taken a liken to it and what's not to love. It looks like a pekingese. Not a good quality Peke but that is what he looks like. He wanted to call it Jesus...pronounced Hey Seus.
I had to put my foot down to that. His name is Ralph.
"Why Ralph?
"Well he told me that was his name!! Geez did you hear him!"
"He told you??"
"Yep, he said rrrrrrowlfff!"
The neighbors have a deadline. If they have not come forward by Thursday to claim this pup it's mine.!

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