Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Trixie's Toy Part Two

Be careful what you wish for, it just may come true.............
With the deadline looming, it was getting obivous to me that Ralph was going to be mine.
Thursday morning as I went to work, I put Ralph with Trixie and told the both of them to "STAY!" Trixie minds so well, but Ralph, not so good. After 3 trys to get to the car without him following me, I had to break out the hog bat. Trixie went and hide in the doghouse. She has been switched by the hog bat and doesn't like it none. Ralph is so little I hated to switch him so I just lightly hit him and he got the point!! He stayed on the porch long enough for me to back the car out.
And I thought.......I am too old to have to deal with a puppy!!
When I went home after work, I unloaded the car with Trixie's help. She was very interested about the carrier I brought home. A lady didn't want to tend to some abandoned kittens so they are mine to bottle feed. It is like a yearly event.
As I stepped up on the porch I noticed 2 more puppies.......Well, Ruck me Funning!!! That is all I need.......Wait a minute.......Where is Ralph?????
Panic was setting in. I called and called for Ralph but nothing.
What is going on???
Did the original owners decide that they wanted Ralph back and dropped off 2 more for me??
Or does Trixie know where the whole litter is being kept?? And she was tired of Ralph and traded him for these 2? I plead with Trixie like Timmy to Lassy to go get Ralph but she thought it best to nap all afternoon. I felt awful after I switched him and now he is gone! I could just see him saying he didn't have to take that shit and trot his happy ass off to live somewhere else.
I have had enough!!
I made some phone calls to the neighbors and found that people behind us had litter of puppies. ShihTzus!! Poor quality but full ShihTzus! They have no clue to what they are doing. They came and took the other 2. I didn't want them! I want Ralph! She called me later to say that Ralph was indeed with his mother out in the garage.
I told Roy all about this new developement. He said to find out how much they want for him and that we would buy him. I called but they never called me back. We, Me and the cats, were depressed over this. WE wanted Ralph back.
Last night Roy suited up in his shining armour and went over to talk to them. After His wife moped around on the couch telling ever things that moves, "Go get Ralph!" he thought it best to strike a deal with them.
He came back with Ralph under his arm!! They just gave him to us!!!
And all is right in the world!!!!
Ralph will just have to learn to like the carrier so he can go to work with me. I will christen him Ralph Lauren...That is as close to Larry as he gets!

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