Monday, February 05, 2007

SuperBowl and the Purple Rain

Let's start at the beginning...the Pregame Show.
"What Bullshit???"
That is what kept coming out of Roy's mouth! He was embarrassed that millions of people around the world was watching it!!
"THAT is the Best they can come up with??"

At least Billy Joel say the National Anthem right!! Doesn't it just drive you crazy when someone butchers that song!! It should be sang with reverence. Tears should come to your eyes not grab your ears and go screaming from the room!!

And what a great start to the game!! A touchdown in the first 14 seconds!!!!
It really was a great game. And I really thought that the Bears would blitz the hell outta Manning.....but nope!!

The Halftime show was not great! Not at all what I expected from the Purple One!!
First off, TEAL and Orange???
Does that mean he is a Dolphins Fan??
Did he not know who was playing??
I didn't need those women that ran all over the Symbol Formerly Know as Prince.
How did they keep their hair dry??
I kept waiting for a Warerobe Malfunction and his butt cheeks to pop out of his pants!!!

Two things I do not need: A recap of what just happened in the game by MrSharpe and MrBoomer.....Marino, Okay but Those other two.....Give them the AXE!!!

And a hokey halftime show!! I don't want people dropped in by helicopter. I don't need Mick and Stones, Prince, or Janet Jackson's Pierced was a great piece of jewerly she "Accidently" let pop out!!!
It is a football game....I want a marching band!!!

And I thought that the ads sucked! I liked the Snickers Kiss!! And the Careerbuilders ads, even liked the Chevy ad with all the people singing about their Chevy....But all in all they weren't great!
And finally...where was the proposal??? Did I miss it???

Added Note: The Proposal was not shown......Bat Rastards didn't show it!!


partyprincess said...

Well I found you finally, this is different looking . I loved the Sneakers's Kiss that was awesome and the only one I thought was note worthy very dissappointed with Bud this year nothing to brag about. I did like Prince at half time, and yeah how they kept there hair dry is beyond me.
So my vet is riping me off with the blood work well I can't do much about it I did call a few others and they all have the same policy after 7 years old blood test or no cleaning so I'm screwed. But he's doing good now and his teeth are so pretty. My retarded cat does the same thing if something spooks her she jumps out of the litter box and leaves a nice gift, gotta love those cats!!
Hey I forgot to say congrads on 2 Miss America's going out of Okie he-he should've been you :)

mannyed said...

Oh yea the proposal!! I totally forgot about it, what happened? Oh and I heard a rumor that there was suppose to be voting - American Idol style - about switching the Superbowl to Saturday...

ZooKeeper said...

I didn't watch the super bowl but I got in on a little gambling...can't wait to see if I won. gay. That might as well have gotten Clay Aiken.

Jeankfl said...

I lost you for a day or so! Total brain fart... usual for me.. I was disappointed in the ads, too. On MySpace they have a site you can go look at all of them..I thought a lot of them sucked..has anyone heard about why they didn't show the proposal? Oh, well...
You have lots of talents you don't even think about...sometimes I mean little ones, too..and, yes, sometimes animals are better than people!lol

Katy said...

I think it's funny that the one person we can count on to give us a good clean halftime show is Prince--things sure have changed.

I like the Chevy commercials where people were singing all the different Chevy songs. And the one with Kevin Federline.

Why the change? or should I go to the old spot to find out?


Sherrie said...

*Sherrie tip toes in hanging her head in shame........* I must confess I did not watch the superbowl, yes I am bad bad bad!!! In a way I'm glad because I normally enjoy the commercials the best, so if they were poopie I didn't miss anything lol. And oh by the way.......dare I ask? What proposal???? Man I'm either old or completely out of the loop!

Have a great day ~hugs~

~PPA~ said...

morning ok i saw in my stats that you came by this morning...i had to go to the office supply store but i am back & have posted...i also have a question so please come back & give me your best answer i am really curious hehe have a wonderful day & stay warm hugs ~PPA~