Thursday, February 01, 2007

So Spoiled!!

My husband carries me around on a pink satin goose down pillow. Some days he just does it and some days I have to stomp my foot and pout.

Like yesterday, 8:00 I called him, "Are you going to come over and take me lunch?'
He replies, "I doubt it. I have loads of things to do."

9:00: He calls me. "Hey Babe, what time is lunch?"
I wonder what happened to the "loads of things" he had to do?
"How about 1:30?"
"I will be there!"

10:00: The BossMan calls to ask when his first appointment will be.....shit, shit, shit!
I hate that!!
That means he won't show up until that first appointment. No matter if it is 1:15 or 3:00....he won't show up until then.....ticks me off!!!
I called Roy. "The BossMan isn't coming on time so I have to cancel our lunch date! If you want to come over earlier and go get something we can eat here at the office."
"I don't want to do that."
10:45: "Are you comin' over? I am hungry and if you aren't comin' I will heat up what I brought."
Yes, I brought lunch!
He is sitting at home doing nothin' he could drive all the way over and bring me lunch!! I don't think that the 13 mile drive is askin' too much!!
"You are so pushy! I will be over later."
Here's where I stomp my foot and pout....."Hurry, I am hungry!"
He brought a sandwich at 12:15!

And sand for my of those 80 pound has been snowing since 9:00....and I have to drive home....I am so nervous about that. I put on a brave face but I don't think I fooled him! He gave the Snow and Ice Speech again....I think I have it memorized by now....I get it everytime it snows....come to think of it I get it when it rains too.

He calls at 3:45, "You going to get to leave early?"
"I'm not sure. We still have things to do here."
"Do you want me to come and get you?"
Hell Yes!!!!
Don't make me stomp my foot....again!!!
But I have to suck it up!
Deep Breath!!
"No, I can do it. You don't really want to leave the car here, do you?"
"No." And I get the short version of the Snow and Ice speech.
"Don't drive too fast. Don't put on lip gloss. Don't drink while you drive. And keep both hands on the wheel."
Roger That!!
One cop on TV told the ReporterChick that it was best to take your hands off the wheel.....He had a Kaniption!!
Like I would do that!! Geez!!
At 4:55, He shows up at work. He drove 13 miles in the deep snow on slick roads....he is a clean my car off and escort me home!!!

At 5:15....One last Snow and Ice PepTalk, "This is not a race!! Start out slow and DO NOT DRIVE OVER 45! No Lip gloss and no pop!"

I pulled safely in my driveway at 5:50!!
I received an A +!!
Woo Hoo!!! My pink satin goose down pillow is a bit worn but I don't mind it one bit!


Manny's Mommy said...

An escort home in icy, icky weather...that folks, is trueeee love!!

ps...put that lip gloss down!

Deborah said...

Okay I made it here and I will add this link to my homepage so that I can get here easily. Very pretty space, and wow, Roy is a sweetheart. Can I clone him?
Blessed be.

Proto said...

Off to a great start!

Jeankfl said...

Now that's spoiled!lol Welcome to this crazy blogworld with the rest of us loons! Stay safe with all this junk..

Dawn said...

Hey Nadine...checking out the digs...very nice..loved the first entry...

Sherrie said...

Woooooooohoooooooo I'm here! But alas I have to get ready for work, so I'll return to reply later. Have a great day lady! ~hugs~