Friday, February 09, 2007

A Smatterin' of Crap.....

Happpppy Birth-day tooo you!
Envision breathlessness.....I am quite good at that......Happy Birthday, Mr Presidennnnnnt!!!!!!

Let the Pigeons Fly!!!!!

Bifocals: I hate them!!
I can work okay with them but drivin'!!
Whole other story!!!
Apparently, I raise my chin when I I can't see clearly through the glasses!! Very aggravatin'!!
Roy said, "Of Course, you drive with your chin in the air!! You have to be able to see over the steering wheel!"

No!! No Ladies! He is all mine!!

RoadTrip: On the Road again!!
We are hittin' the road this weekend. CabinFever has the best of me and I have to get out!!!
No Football!! So we are outta here.
And after that comment about my tallness or lack there of.....the romance???
Well, we shall see.....yeah, I okay I need it too. I'm gonna get laid!!!

Emails: I received several emails this week but one stands out.
One from Deacon's Wife......It's not that funny but when you take into consideration who sent's funny!
A man walks into his shrink's office wearing nothing but SaranWrap for underwear and the Shrink says, "Clearly I can see your nuts."

Again.......another soul I have corrupted.

And you ask, "How do I know the Deacon and his Wife?"
I wasn't always so hedonistic!


partyprincess said...

OMG you just make me laugh, how'd you get so damn witty girl. You know for my gf's husband 40th I did the Happy Birthday song and even jumped out of a cake then we shared a cake he got the boobs and I got the penis what a site that was. Oh well have a great road trip and lots of SEX!!!!!!

partyprincess said...

Hey it worked just hiting the "Other" button, thanks hated that signing in crap.

Kendra said...

I miss you so much Nadine! Stupid internet policy at work. You always make me laugh.

I can't tell you how proud of you I am in regards to the Deacon's wife. I knew you could do it!!

As for Mz Zsa Zsa (a truly awkward name to type) she more fabulous at 90 then most people will ever be!!


Katy said...

have a great weekend! Pat was great--sixth row, up close and personal, and a real energetic band. I was the Designated Driver since my delicate condition doesn't allow for any drinking. Hub's taking advantage of that!

Got two compliments on my boots--basically made my night.


karla said...

You seem so good at corrupting should get paid to do it.