Monday, February 19, 2007

Scotty! Throw Up the Force Shield!!

Roy and I loaded up in the pickup and headed to Tulsa for the Hot Rod and Custom Car show. I couldn't believe it was $20 a person!! But we piss away more than that gamblin'!!
I picked out the car Edith Anne, my oldest daughter, was conceived in 1982.....'69 Camaro Z28!
He picked out the '69 Mustang that in 1976 he clocked at 80 and after he got his CopCar turned around it had "VAPORIZED"....his word!! And he was drivin' a of the super fast ones...the one they still talk about. But the Mustang was gone!!!
I saw the Hemi Cuda I whipped up on......that was a beauty!! This one was green. The one I beat like a redheaded stepchild was yellow. You know you have them licked when you look in the rear view and black smoke is boilin' out of the other car!!! Yes!!!
Roy saw the Bikini Team.....and they might have been the same ones we saw a few years back....becuz they aren't holdin' up under the lights!! And all the pix he took are fuzzy....he hasn't quite got the hang of the digital camera....they were moving too the men couldn't see the wrinkles and fake hair. I saw them!! Roy never made it past the fake boobs.
You might be a RedNeck if you go to the Hot Rod and Custom Car Show to buy your intimate apparels!!! Right there with the car parts and knives!!
But the best part of the whole show was the Monster Trucks!! Oh the power!!! Over 1400 Horses push those machines......I love that sound!! The roar of the motor....the smell of the exhaust.....I just love it!!! They are awesome!!
So we trotted up the tip top of the bleachers for THE BEST SEAT.....about 2 hours before showtime. 30 minutes after I sat down and had my seat all warmed up some Dickhead came up there and sat on me!!!
Yep on me!!
Then he kinda scoots until he is next to me.....we are shoulder to shoulder....I can see his ear hair!!
My InnerBeing was freakin' its shit out!!!
I have boundaries!!!
I am not as free with my OuterBeing as some might think!
And when there is a violation of the OuterBeing the InnerBeing freaks smooth out!!
Scotty! Throw up the Force Shields!
There were plenty of empty seats and this Ass sits on me!!!
I could have move as he sat but I by God had staked my claim and I was not movin'!

You might not have realized this but I am a tad bit stubborn.

You know when you go the movies and you get there in plenty of time to get THE PERFECT the back row, dead center. And for some reason everyone that comes in after you sits one seat away from you on both sides.....why do people do that?? And about 10 minutes before the movie starts, some bozo comes up and says "Could you scoot down a seat?"
Fuck NO!!!
"I am saving this seat for my sister. She is in the bathroom puking up her nachos. Sorry!"

Or when you go down to stand on the sidewalk for THE BEST VIEW of the parade and someone either stands in front of you.....normally for me it's a somehow becuz I am adult I have no right to watch the freakin' parade.....I might still want some candy thrown at me.....or some big fat adult pushes you gradually from THE BEST VIEW SPOT.....until I am 6 feet away from where I started........that really pisses me off!!

So here I am with all these empty seatis all around me and I have a man on me.
I look at Roy, "He sat on me!"
Roy is takin' all this way more calm than I am, he leans over and whispers, "Scoot over, here."
He casually stands up and stretches and moves over two nobody is suppose to notice!
I backed down.........and moved.......damn it!!

It ain't right!!

Or maybe I could look at it like this: Hey, I had a Cute guy sit on me...woohoo!!

They can't do that with the Bikini Team!!


A said...

Ta-da!! If this posts it means I correctly remembered my gmail password. Yeah for me.

It's a shame you weren't holding your hairbrush or a pen or something so that when ol' dude sat down you could aim it for his butt-hole. "GOOSE!" I'm with you, tho. I'm almost a hermit because I can't stand people all up on me and shit. Yech!!


MizAngie said...

Trying this again to see if I can get my name on this damn thing. Tell me why you left msnspaces!!

partyprincessfl said...

Oh no I would've looked him in the eyes and said EXCUSE ME, I'm sitting here. A bull dozer just might do the trick, the damn auditor's are here gotta be good for a few days, like I'm not good all the time, he-he
I'll blog tonight and post the pictures I took over the weekend, was really nice to have mom and sis hangout, you don't realize who much you miss them until they all move away, don't tell PPA I said that she'll get a swollen head for sure LOL

Katy said...

Oh, uh-uh. There is NO way I would have moved. Well, maybe--I hate to be crowded. Usually, when someone does that kind of stuff I start saying really loudly to everyone around me "can you believe the nerve of this person?" Sometimes they go away.


Sherrie said...

You know perhaps the cute young fellow was merely trying to give you a free lapdance, I mean after all, Roy got to google the fake boobies! Oh wait....just how cute is a man with hair sticking out of his ears anyway.......ewwwwwww! LOL, sounds like a blast though, I really enjoy the car show we have in our little town every year! Oh how I'd love to own me a few of those babies!

Have a wonderful day lady ~hugs~

big dog mom pam said...

He sat on you? If his eyes were so bad that he sat on you, why the dickens was he in the top row? I hate when that happens. Especially in church. You get the perfect seat - back row on the aisle - and then somebody wants to slide in late! Nope. Don't think so . . . I make them climb over me. I ain't givin up my perfect seat. (I'm stubborn, too!)

mannyed said...

I don't know if being cute over rules the fact that he violated your outerbeing and freaked out the innverbeing. Roy handled it pretty smooth...most be all those police officer/civilian relations training :o)

Karla said...

I have done may catch up reading this morning..

I am not much of a fan of car shows, I have been to one its just not my thing. As for the guy that sat I you ..... I would have said something. Close enough to see the ear hair....Hey buddy I am sitting here and get a comb for that already and tame the beast!!!!!!!!

Jeannie said...

It would have been even better if he was cute AND wearing a bikini, dontcha think? That would have made for some really cool pics! Woo Hoo! A quick thumb up the ass usually does the trick (I didn't just say that!).

-ksgrrl said...

Ooo! I haven't been to a big car show in forever. Although the classic car owning rockabilly kids have a yearly car show near my house under the overpass which is pretty cool but not quite the same.