Monday, February 19, 2007

The Right Buttons!!

I didn't get flowers for Valentines Day!

Roy teased me for several days with stupid he lost my flower money at the casino.....But bragged about how he won some money one day after work.
I replied, "Great now you can buy be flowers!"
He had the nerve to laugh out loud!!!

And when some man on the TV, convinced himself that he was unique....that he didn't buy his wife flowers when she EXPECTED THEM!!
Roy said he would follow suit.....right!

"Honey, when was the last time YOU bought me flowers?"
He thought long and hard.....That's right.....years have gone by.

I sent him to Walmart to buy me a concrete lion....and he comes back with flowers!
Yes I was!!
He had looked the lion over and thought it wasn't really what I wanted."It was all wrong."
I have one lion that it takes two big burley men to move....and I only have one of those!
And some days He is more that I can deal with...but I know what buttons to push!

So I didn't get flowers for Valentines Day.

And Maybe I pissed and moaned about it too much becuz he said, "Do you really need the flowers? After all that we have been thru, After 15 years together, you need the flowers?"

No, No. I kept my temper in check.

Without battin' an eyelash, "Do you really need the Blow Jobs?"

The Flowers came the next day!
1 dozen longstem red roses....Thank you Very much!


Cindy said...


I didn't get flowers either....but I did get a hand-blown glass heart that is now hanging in my kitchen window.

Guess the blowjobs paid off!! LOL

MissBeth said...

LMAO OK for now.........this will be my favorite memory ! Just when i think you can't surprise me anymore...whala once again i am almost in tears laughing !!!!!

- said...

Ha! Don't men realize that relationships make it to that 15 year mark _because_ flowers and such things are involved! Sheesh. (I didn't get any flowers for vday either, but I honestly can't complain because my D will regularly surprise me with flowers on his way home from work.)

-ksgrrl said...

drat. that's me right above this one there who wrote that comment.

Sherrie said...

okay it never fails.......I usually read your blog right after work, I'm usually sneaking a snack in at the same time and I almost ALWAYS choke on said snack, thought I was gonna sidestep that today but ya just had to throw in the blow job question didn't ya LMAO!

Billie said...

I have really enjoyed your blog! You had me laughing at the "Do you really need your BJs?" I wish I had of thought of that when my honey was giving his excuses for how he didn't get me anything for Valentine's Day.


Kendra said...

that right there is the reason that I love you so much. I wish I had though of that.

It's been a week and guess what I STILL have gotten for Valentines day? If you guessed "Angrier" you'd be right.

Love you, miss you, spank you later.