Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pet Names...

I try to come up with a name for my pets that means something to me. I have thought many times, "The next cat I get I am gonna it Mandu." And then when I get the cat it has a certain personality trait that brings on a different name.
Or maybe it has a certain look about it that just cries out to me "I want to be called Glitter!"
Or like Ralph....he just told me that his name was Ralph.
When I name a critter a human name like Ralph, Roy wonders about it. I did have a schnauzer named after an old when I named a cat George, he was curious as to who I named him after.
"I named him after the greatest love of my life."
He pouted up.
Oh you silly man......."What does you uncle call you?"
He thought for a moment.
"Live with it!"
And all my animals have a middle name. As it was pointed out if they do not have a middle name how do they know when they are in trouble.
Scooter Wooter......I can sing to him "Scooty Wooty Wooty Wooty Wooty Wooty Woooooo"......and he will roll and purrrrrr.
Monster Jay......Yell it and he will stop whatever it is he is doing, mostly when he is picking at the couch. If he is attacking Scooter and has a mouthful of is Time Out time!
George Herbert Walker.......I can sing to him "Georgey Porgy puddin pie" and he dances around and makes squirrel noises. He used to met me at the car when he was an outside cat and I would sing to him and he would walk with me to the house. He did the pee pee dance as I unlocked the house. After I opened the door it was a mad dash to the litterbox and then to the food bowl. He is a snooty cat that refuses to use the great outdoors as his litterbox or associate with the other outdoor cats or eat with them. But when he is in trouble it is a mouthful to yell George Herbert Walker!!
Trixie Jose.......Mostly it is just Dumb Dog becuz my dog Trixie minds and Roy's dog Jose doesn't!!
And now Ralph Lauren Hightower.
"Who is Ralph Lauren?"
"Geez, Roy don't you pay any attention to the fashion magazines I bring home?"
"I just look at the pictures."

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