Tuesday, February 06, 2007

No Strings!!

The phone is ringing again!
I wonder if it is the girls with a Dorito Emergency. It's only 2:30....can't be.
I'll bet it's my stalker.
He comes in here 3 times a day...once after I get to work....sometime in the middle of the shift....and one last time before I go home. I only work 4 hours!
He plays me music over the phone...Bad Moon on the Rise.....Secret Agent Man....and his favorite, "Robbin' people with a six gun, I fought the law and the law won."
He has a crush on me.
I knew it the first day he walked into my store. I made him nervous.
I made a grown man with a gun on his hip, NERVOUS! ME!!
He knocked over a display rack becuz I touched his hand. Geez!!
And he loves my short skirts.
He watches me stick the tanks.
He watches me restock the cooler.
But he really loves holding the ladder when I change the gas prices.
"What are you doing up there?" he said.
"What does it look like I'm doin'?"....Idiot! He loves to give me grief!
"You are going to cause a wreck! You know you are showing your panties to the people that drive by."
"What color are they?"
All nervous and blushing, he said, "I can't tell, all I see is butt cheeks."
"Okay then if you can't see the panties, there is no problem. Why do you care? Are you afraid you will lose your place in line?"
Blushing with a goofy grin, "I have a place in line? Let me help you down."
And he loves beyond all things, is to argue with me!
I don't understand that! We have debated about everything from Onside kicking to VietnamVets vs DesertStorm Heros.
The man is impossible!
He loves to make me mad!
He came in all pissy once becuz he couldn't wash his windshield becuz there wasn't any water in the squeegie thingy.
Ticked me off....he made such a big deal of it.....with all those people standin' around!
I grabbed up a bucket of water and trotted my HappyAss right out there.
He was sittin' in his CopCar with that StupidAss grin on his face. I'll bet he is thrilled to be near me!
I stopped at the front of his car and reared back with that bucket of water and threw it all over his windshield!
Take that!
"You're welcome!" I said as I turned on my heal and marched back inside.
He just sat there like what the hell just happened!
And then he started laughing!!
He apologized later and confessed, "You're so cute when you stomp your feet when you're mad."
The phone is still ringing. This has gone on for 6 months....It's gotta be him?
What song will he play for me today?
All he said was, "Meet me."

I wasn't outta the car 3 seconds when he leaned down to kiss me.
That kiss went all the way to my toes!!
I had my hands on his belly.....as a solid as a rock!!
He backed up and shivered and shook his leg...he felt it too. "Wooooh! I have wanted to do that for so long!"
I smiled, "I'm glad I can do that for you."
He leaned down again and this kiss went for my groin.....and it felt good!
I pushed him back. "I'm married and I'm miserable."
He replied, "I'm married and I don't want a divorce."
To make myself perfectly clear, "No strings! This is just for Shiggles and Git!"
He smiled, "Shiggles and Git!"

That was 15 years ago.......Roy and I have not been apart since!


Sherrie said...

This made me misty........can you believe that??? I could almost feel the emotions right through the page, and I so totally understood them. Wow......it made me misty.......but in such a good way. Hope you two have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


partyprincess said...

Wow I'm all tingly inside, that was so sweet & sexy you go girl,
Ok tell me why I have such a hard time signing into this blog, what am I doing wrong, I keep having to click on create an acct and re-do everything, then I can get in if I just type in my name and password on the first screen, it comes back incorrect p/w. argggg anyway have a great day, hugs ~cathy~

MissBeth said...

well, i can't seem to figure out how to make list and get my site right, if i could i would use it daily like the spaces. How did you add your links?
Yes i took the day off to shop scrapbook stuff !!!!! they have GREAT deals that you can't get in the stores and its only twice a year so i just can't miss it !!! If i get my blogger to cooperate ( help me here) i will post you a picture of my scrapbook room, then you can join PPA on the floor !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok I don't like this place. It doesn't work well for me. LOL It's a nice layout however. Kid

MissBeth said...

OH and about CSI not to ruin it for you but "Hes not dead" watch and see !!!

mannyed said...

okay, this is probably going to be a long-ish comment. Hope you don't mind.

A: love this story! curious tho, are there still no strings attached, from Mr. Officer. :o) So lucky to have a cop watching your back(side) for all these years.

B: Your question regarding tannins: And please, any one reading this, correct me if I am wrong, tannins are found in the grape skin and grape seeds and are found maily in reds. They also can be found in oak. They help to age wine as tannins are a natural perservative. So if someone would say "soft tannins" to me, I would think they are saying the wine is not bitter, or drying like a really bold cabernet.

C: I MISSED AMERICAN IDOL last night :o(!!! But no fear, I Tivo-ed it and will catch up tonight!

~PPA~ said...

Ah sweet story :) i am not misty eyed as i can only laugh at you throwing the bucket of water on a cop car LOL.....i can see party princess is having a hard time i guess i will have to tell her it's not that hard duh!!!! Ok my dear have a wonderful day hugs ~PPA~

ZooKeeper said...

Oh that's a great story. Happy Anniversary dahling!

Dawn said...

....hmmm I guess some of the best things start with no strings attached...that's how Brett and I started we were just going to be Fu*k friends....(isn't THAT romantic)14 years and we're still together.....some things are just meant to be.

Karla said...

So sweet...so sexy...happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

so I see you are already getting soft on us.

Kfarm said...

Great story! Did you just do away with the MSN space. I love this layout. I am just to lazy to start over. I am still trying to list my music.