Friday, February 23, 2007

Last Winter.....

During the Blizzard.....
As some of you know...we here in Oklahoma have had our first Blizzard the NorthEast part of the state that is a BIG DEAL!
As a result of the sleet and snow Ralph Lauren Hightower came into the house to stay. Trixie the WonderDog WILL NOT cross the threshold!! She stayed out. She was happy.
Ralph was let out off and on to go pee. If you leave him out with Trixie too long, they run off to the neighbors or she leads him to the road.
It didn't really start snowing on us until 7ish though most of the state was covered in a blanket of snow....I had sleet all day and lots of ice but no snow.
Roy tended to the fire and we snuggled down in a warm bed surrounded by cats.
Some time in the night, Ralph needed to go out and so Roy booted him out.
After throwing some logs on the fire, it was time to get Ralph.
Roy goes to the door and calls.....Trixie comes running but no Ralph!
Roy could see tracks all over in the snow all around the house. He decided to get the flashlight and follow the tracks. They led him to the cellar.
We have a flooded cellar that is spring fed and the water is very clear. We put fish in there 11 years ago and they live quite happily.
Roy looked down in the dark cellar and saw Ralph swimming in the water!! He grabs the ladder and puts it in the hole and goes down in there after the drowning dog.
There is no telling how long he was in the water......It was knee deep on Roy but well over Ralph's head.
Roy runs into the house, yelling. "Hey Babe!Get up!"
I was not sure what had happened but as we all know a man does not freak....especially that man!
"Hey Babe! Get Up! Ralph's been down in the FishPond!"
He put Ralph in the tub and run warm water over him.
Ralph was a cold and a very exhausted pup! Roy was wet up to his knees and water was everywhere.
Roy left me to warm up Ralph so he could get out of his clothes and stoked up the fire.
Ralph just wanted out of the tub! He had had enough water to last him a lifetime!
I got Ralph out of the tub and wrapped him towels and sat down in front of the fire and rocked him.
After about 30 minutes he wanted to play with his squeaky toys......He was good to go!
Roy shook his head, "Trixie did this! She is trying to kill him!"
Ralph, Roy, and I loaded up in the truck to go to work today....All are good....a little tired from our near disaster.....but as he keeps guard at my feet, Ralph Lauren Hightower is alright!

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