Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I Won't Get Fooled Again....

So what is it with CSI Miami???
Why take out Eric??
Why not Wolffe?
He is about as colorful as a hound on a porch.....he just sorta lies there and over acts when a stranger pulls up and then lays back down again.....The boy can't act!
It is so campy!
Or that one chick that slept with Eric and thought she was preggers....the one that had the hubby that was killed....the one that had the sister kidnapped. She is always a victim. She can't act either!
But no!
They take out Caine's wife....wasn't she hot!
They take out Speed! I just really like the way he rolled his eyes!
And now they toy with us over Eric!!


ZooKeeper said...

Another reason to be glad I don't have cable or satellite.

partyprincess said...

Thanks I needed that wake up slap, never got into CSI Miami, I do like the original CSI !! Do you watch "24" it's awesome. I'm so ready to go home, just can't get in the mood to work today, lol
TTYL, hugs~cathy~
ps is it me or what trying to get a message in here

Cindy said...

I only watch CSI Miami once in a while....I don't care for David Caruso...but I caught the tail end of it last night ~ and I was shocked, too!! I'm going to watch next week to see what happens for sure!!

Dawn said...

I loved Speedle ...and I do NOT want Eric to die...I'll be pissed...