Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I Need a Money Tree!!!

Quick, call the TreeMan I need him bad!!!

Sit down.......this will be jolting!

I checked out VIP tickets....a 4 day pass 13th Row section B....$335.00 a piece!!!!!!!

When I went to see Ted Nugent I ponied up for the 7th row mid-section......perfect seats......Hell who sat down??? Well worth every penny!!!!

When I bought Roy the tickets to the Ultimate Fighting thing I got just as close to the action as possible....3rd row....in SweatSplashZone. Great for flying blood!!!

So naturally to go see Reba I want to have the best seats.....but come on!!!! $670!!!
I have a hole in my kitchen floor!!! Since back before Thanksgiving!!!!

Back in the summer the water filter thingy under the sink broke in the night and Roy woke up to several inches of water all over the kitchen......for the second time!!
Then some time in October during all the hubbub of deer hunting the floor give way...it was only particle board and it had sponged up all the water it could and was rotting away. Naturally, it was me that cause the floor to sink. The only thing holding it place and not having a hole to the ground was the crappy linoleum....which was put in the house in 1964!!!
And it's blue....dark blue....it's just gross.
There have been many debates about ripping it up but out of fear of what is under it, we didn't. And as our priorities are not the house, we didn't replace it. That and we can't agree on what to put in its place....one of many debates about the house.
I thought it would distract the MightyHunter.....no....nothing distracted the MightyHunter...I hear that hunting is better than sex.....I don't get it.
While he was distracted with hunting, my wild hair started itchin'! I ripped that shitty flooring up and threw it out in the back yard!
I found several pecans that cats had played with and one dead lizard.....he too has probably been there since 1964!!
Roy was not thrilled but not mad. He now knows what he was dealing with.....he already knows about me.....but the whole floor would have to be replaced.
After Hunting!!
A few days before Thanksgiving, I came home from work, all excited with all kinds of news to tell Roy. I came into the house in a flurry and walked quickly to the counter to put my purse and things down when......CRASH!!!!
I went thru the floor......all the way to the ground.
Now there is a BigAss hole....about the size of basketball!!
Roy was right there to pull me up and checked me over....nothing but a scrape on my knee. He then went to put a band aid on the hole.....and that is how it has been since!

I still need the hole fixed. And I can't see paying $670 for VIP passes when I need a new floor in the kitchen!
My Rational adult voice is screaming at me not to do it....FIX THE FLOOR!!!

General Admission tickets are $45.....I have to sit in the sun all day and Reba doesn't take the stage until 10:30 pm.......just to get a good seat!
I think I can swing that!


partyprincess said...

Ok have you since Reba already if not go with the VIP if you have still go with the VIP, throw a rug over the hole and thats it, seems like an easy problem to handle. Now my problem my damn wireless keyboard and mouse are crap!!!

Jeannie said...

Yeppers. $45 dollar tickets are JUST the ticket! A hole in the kitchen floor? Interesting. Throw a checked table cloth over it and pretend you're having a picnic. Serve Roy by candlelight and it could be quite romantic. How's that for Valentine's Day???? Hope you're doing well. I had several posts to read to get to this one just so I can comment. I guess you write as fast as you drive, eh?

mannyed said...

hmm spend money on a concert or a big asshole..wait...big ass hole. I think the choice is clear haha :o)

~PPA~ said...

wow that is expensive i know she's good but hey come on she's not new & the hottest craze but i am not a country person so who am i to say anything lol
Happy V-day & Hump day also hehe....
i do see that we are opposite on a few things my house comes 1st in most cases i love to re-do things and obviously with a young one running around i couldn't have a hole oh boy i have been gone from this message for a while come by for my update :) hugs ~PPA~

Once in a Blue Moon said...

Hi Nadine,
Glad to see you back. Who else is playing? Sounds like a fun time no matter where you sit.