Sunday, February 25, 2007

Have One on Me!!!

I am here to pass out cigars!!!
All around!!!!

We are the proud parents of new baby!!!
It's a boy!!!!

You can tell by the big bal.....clip!! 100 rounds!!


Dawn said...

Well congratulations to you must be so proud...ha.

ZooKeeper said...

He's a handsome devil. I've been looking at getting me a handgun. A stalker I may have sent to prison for ten years may be getting out next month. For some reason I think he might just be a little pissed off.

partyprincess said...

Morning there, damn you had me for a sec, thought for sure it was going to be a kitten he-he. Oh FYI PPA wishes that the Chef was her child's father, he's the ex, ex. Ok have a great day,

_____****__________**** _______
___***____***____***__ *** ____

Anonymous said...

Oh my sister is just too funny i see her comment about my ex ex LOL hey he made some really dumb mistakes so i say the heck with both of them!!!!

Ok i am stressed sucked dry from all the paperwork Thank god it's over for now i shipped it off this morning....i like your new baby ah too cute congrats lol ~PPA~