Friday, February 02, 2007

GroundHog Day!!

They say we're young and we don't know
We won't find out until we grow.
Well I don't know if all that's true
'Cause you got me, and baby I got you!

Woo Hoo!! Big Weekend for Football!!!

I am pullin' for the Colts....Mr Urlacher, be kind to Peyton!! I bet he gets him at least 4 times!!
You wait, it will be a game of field goals.
Becuz the Bears defense will not let Peyton move the ball.
And the weak QB for the Bears can't move the ball.....period!
And seriously, all the hype made about that man that is goin' to propose....Geez!!
Is this chick on another planet??
The dude has been on every news outlet and every one is talkin' about him, Don't you think she would figure it all out???
Do you think that by only showing his back she wouldn't know him???
Geez, I would!!!
When the Murrah building was bombed, Roy was in OKC in some sort of class for of all things, major incidents! He had to stay in the City for 3 days working security. Me and the girls were glued to the TV hopin' to catch a glimps of him.
Edith Anne jumped up right quick and screamed, "Right there!! That one!! That's him!! I know that's him, look at the way he stands and kicks his toe!"
Yeah Okay!!!
Whether it was him or not we will always believe it was.
So don't you think if the ProposalDude is wearin' the sweater his sweety gave him for Christmas, she will recognize him, if a 12 year old can pick out her stepdad in a bunch of cops in the distance????

Anyway....Enjoy the game!

I got you, Babe!

Don't drive angry!!!


mannyed said...

Manny told me he is going to be pulling for Da Bears. He didn't say why. My football pool numbers are 5 and 8. I'm doing a second pool but I don't know what the numbers are yet. So keep my numbers in mind while watching the big game. Oh and that proposal thing...what ever happened to quiet and personal?

ksgrrl said...

Welcome! I hope you are happy here!

Sherrie said...

Okay I think I've done something wrong because the reply I made before hasn't show up yet, so here I go again. Testing........1.....2.........3...