Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Final Resting Place....

But I will change my mind...I have a least 3 times now.....But this one is real cool!!!

Have you seen the Urns with your Favorite Baseball team on them???
THE most ardent fan can have his or her cremated ashes put in an urn with their Fav of Fav baseball team logo...way too cool!!
NASCAR, NBA and the all important NFL will follow.
This is way better than to have a casket with your favorite team. The only time people see it is at the funeral.
But an urn sits on the mantle!!! For all to see what team you loved in life.....and now in death!!!
Isn't that the thing to do???

Of course, I want a bit more!

Instead of crematin' me and throwin' me in the lake back home, followed by a blow out party....I now would like for we all know he will out live sprinkle my ashes all over the star in Texas Stadium for my love of the Dallas Cowboys!!!

Roy laughed too.

And added, "I will do it during a game, butt nekked. I will be streakin' across the field with your ashes blowin' out over the star with security in tow, yellin' 'This is what she wanted!!'"

Sounds good to me!!!


mannyed said...

HAHA! I would so watch that game to see that halftime show!!

Hmm...a Yankee Logo if I die before The Husband, he would have to deal with a Yankee Logo Urn around the house? I. LOVE. IT!

Beth said...

Hey no laughter request has always been to have my ashes spread out all over Lowes motor speedway in Charlotte !!! The King, wants his on the 17th hole at Sawgrass !!! After the King fullfills my last wish he can scrapbook the occasion !!!! THe Logo Urn is a great idea though !

Kfarm said...

I love the cowboys too! I will be sure to watch that game!

Proto said...

Go Dodgers!