Friday, February 23, 2007

Ever Have One of Those Days?

Just a glimpse for into my world.....the "Head up the Ass" moment:

I walk out the door with my purse over one arm and my tote bag on the other.
My car keys in one hand and the house keys in the other.
I lock the backdoor and put the house keys in the tote.
Walk out to the carport and set my tote bag on the ground.
Open one gate to the carport leaving the other one in place.
Open car.
Put the purse on the passenger seat.
Put the keys in the ignition.
Go back to pick up the tote bag and place it behind the driver's seat.
Decide it's best to dig out the paper money now becuz if the stalker is at the store....
We don't want to look stupid....God forbid we look stupid!
So I sit in the driver's seat and start the search.
There is the lip balm I love! I should really put it in the house so I know where it is....Savannah Bee Lip Balm....Blackberry!!
A Taco Bell receipt??
When the Hell did I go to Taco Bell?
That isn't on the Barbaric Diet.....must destroy evidence!
What am I looking for?
Oh right! Keys to the car....shit!!!
Where are the keys??!!
Now I have to go back to the fuckin' house and look for the fuckin' keys!!!!
Get out of the car and grab the house keys from the tote bag and the car keys from the ignition. I don't want to lock myself out of the car....again!!!
I hate it when that happens. Shit! I don't even know where the other set is???
Locked up in the fuckin' safe.....What the fuck is the combo??
Walk a total of six steps when I realize that I have the keys in my fuckin' hand!!!!! SHIT!!!!
Kicking my ass all the way back to the car, I get in and throw the house keys in the passenger seat.....that info becomes pertinent when I get to the office and can't find them in the tote!!!!!
Fuck the paper money!
We will move this Dog and Pony act down the road.
Maybe in a different area I will not seem so stupid!!
Start the car and put it in reverse.
And back into the gate that I didn't open!!! FUCK!!!

Can you top that?? Anyone??? Please????

And in other news:

That blog from yesterday was something that happened awhile back but still lingers around me. Time is supposed to heal the wounds. It helps. I am scarred up real good.
I am a different person now.
I am good with me!! NO doubt in my mind or of my choices.

Thank you for the emails.
Thank you for the support.

A gal needs to know who she can count on, those that make her smile, all warm and fuzzy.

Hugs and have a great weekend!!!


Billie said...

At the moment... I can't think of anything that tops that. According to my honey, I have a bad memory so that doesn't surprise me. I hope you didn't hurt your car too much... or the gate!

A big hug for getting through the pain of your past hurts. I know how hard it can be sometimes to even get out of bed and face the next day.


mannyed said...

haha! I mean, oh, sorry to hear about your morning *snicker* I've done many a stupid thing in my lifetime. You know those revolving doors...that's all I have to stay about that.

Anonymous said...

Spilling my personal failures LOL the chef ex was my first husband when i was mid 20's so he is not the father of my child which is a shame hehe we were together for 5 years but when things started getting hot & heavy in his career moving to fast for him he made some mistakes and it led me to file for divorce but all is good we are still friends ...see cause i am a nice girl and didn't hold a grudge lol he still can't fully look me in the eyes i killed him with kindness!!!!

Dawn said...

nope can't top it....

oh and your last blog...that is exactly why I stopped blogging for a bit...I'm to negative at this point...but the cloud will pass and then I'll be able to blog once more...

Cindy said...

Nadine, in regards to your last blog - you're right - Life IS a song, and sometimes a cacophony of many playing at once. The trick is to find the one melody that lifts your heart and carries you through the tough times...and it sounds like you figured that out a long time ago.
As for being "scarred up real good", my philosophy is that scars (visible or not) are badges that remind us of how far we've come!

Oh, and I may have one better for this post:

A few years ago I was backing my (brand new) car out of the garage and was so worried about hitting the mirror on the passenger side, I wasn't paying attention to the driver's side - and I backed straight out and smashed into my husband's truck!!
We had to have the entire rear panel of the car replaced!!

(Now I park in the backing out of garages for me ever again!!)

Have a great weekend!!

Sherrie said...

So is there a trick to opening the fence or are ya really blonde :P.......OKAY wait a minute.......don't hurt me......I was just joshin' with ya! Besides at my age, occurances such as that happen on a regular basis hehe.

Have a great night. I'm gone for the weekend, figure skating competition with me girl ~hugs~

mannyed said...

No, it was my link not you...but its all fixed now some come on over and pin Manny!

Diane said...

Hi Nadine: I've done a lot of goofy things in my time and I'm really sorry I can't think of one right at the moment...but, there are some....honest!!
As for your last blog. Sometimes ya just gotta get that shit out...know what I mean?? It's very theraputic to get it out and written down. And anytime you feel the need...vent, vent, vent.

Katy said...

Oh man, I'm like that sometimes. . . and I wish I could blame it on the PG hormones, but that's jut a cop out. Sometimes I'm a space cadet.

Your blog from yesterday was uplifting in the end. . . glad you put it out there.


big dog mom pam said...

Sorry, Nadine. Can't top that but I have done similar stuff. Walked out once with just the car keys . . drove to Hubby's work to get the house key to get back in. Accidently left the dogs outside once when I left for work. (They're house dogs and were FREAKED that I left them outside!) Yes, I'm a Natural Blonde.