Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Boy and His Toy.....

A few years ago we received an email about a new hand gun, a Smith and Wesson 500 Magnum. The biggest hand gun made!
More like a hand cannon!!
Roy wanted one!
Roy researched it and read every article he could find. He wanted to be knowledgeable when he went shopping for one. He talked to everyone he could to get opinions on the gun. This went on for months!!
Then we went to look for one.....we looked in three different shops and looked at 5 different guns. All were used guns. The original owner had bought the gun without doin' the homework and when they bought the gun they were overwhelmed by the power of it. It actually hurt them to shoot it.....so they didn't want the gun! I am a firm believer in Test drives and trying things on!
Roy found one he wanted but still uncertain if that was THE ONE.
I guess it is like buying purses....to a man they all look a like....something to put all that woman shit in....but to a woman it's a thing of beauty. It has to feel right. It has to be the right color. It has hang on your shoulder just right. And mostly importantly it has to be big enough to put all that woman shit in!!
So we left without the gun....the most powerful handgun ever made.
I had had enough!!!
I marched in the gun shop the next day. I sat myself down between the two burly men shootin' the shit with owner and waited my turn.
"I would like to purchase that gun right there."
There were giggles....or maybe snorts....men snort....girls giggle.
"Yep that one." I gave the man the money and he gave me the forms.
The men just standin' around with nothin' better do thought is was funny. "I'd like to see you shoot it."
I just smiled,"I bet you would."
The phone call was made for approval and I trotted my HappyAss out the door with my pink purse on one arm and 500Mag in the other!
When Roy came home, He stopped dead in his tracks at the kitchen table! I had put the gun in the center of the table.
He didn't say one word.
He set his lunch pal down.
He sat at the table....never touching the case.....he just sat there looking at it.
He reached out and laid his hands on the case....like he was warming his hands...he just sat there.....looking at it!
He slowly opened the case....and then folded his hands....he just sat there looking at it...in the case.
He slowly ran his fingers over the guns....never pickin' it up....just tracin' the barrel and down the trigger and over the grips.
He then picked it up.....like a father would pickup his baby boy for the first time....very gently. Very slowly....not to drop it.
He put this Smith and Wesson to his chest........huggin' it!
That was all I could stand!!!!!
I broke the silence, "Do you two need to be alone? Do I need to leave the room?"
"Would you mind?"


Karla said...

It may take him as long to pick out a gun as it does us to pick out a purse, but I have never need a moment alone with my purse!!!!

Jeannie said...

Awwwwww....that's all he needed? A moment? Poor thang! And you are such a big, strong woman. However, if you had a purse that could kick a** like that gun, you would want more than a moment! And I thought Andy was going overboard on paintball! LOL.

Sherrie said...

What a woman you are........heck you almost made me wanna marry you if you give gifts like that!!! lol too cute lady......too cute!


mannyed said...

Sooo curious...when you buy a gun...do they put it in a nice shopping bag (maybe in that robin egg blue color)or do they just give you the gun to tote around in your pocketbook?? hehe.

Dawn said...

I love both of these posts....I am totally into visuals....and first the image of Roy growling..to funny then the visual of Roy at the table with his new toy and you looking on....priceless....

Jeankfl said...

Men..I've seen some act like that over a gun or rifle..I guess I've got nothing to gripe about as long as I feel that way about something, too! You're quite a woman to get it for him!lol

Curly's Mommy said...

Hi!! Thanks for welcoming me to bloggie land! It's nice to hear about another animal lover. Love your page!

MissBeth said...

I feel for ya, i know just where you are coming from, my son is the same way, its a good thing he is as sweet, caring and loving as he is or i would be worried. He has not only his guns ( that he loves to look at as Roy does) and also his fishing poles !!!!! He always has one or the other in his hands!!!!! And when he isn't holding them ( or should i say caressing them !) then he is sleeping with them right next to him !!!!!!!! Go figure !!!