Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Battle of the Wills

The Battle of the Wills Part 3
The first thing we did when we moved to the country was build a dog pen. Not one of those 4x4 pens but a 50'x150' pens.......a huge area for 5 dogs. They have a huge locust tree, an old Lilac bush, and an apple tree and lots room to run and dig. If there was a "jail break", Roy would go out and rack off a couple of rounds with the shotgun and they all would coming running back and cower in the dog houses......they hated the Shotgun!!
You say, "Why not let them roam? You are in the country."
I don't care for the neighbors dogs in my yard and eating the food I provide for my pets.......I don't think the neighbors would like it if my pets did that same thing. Besides, a roaming dog is destine for a short life.
I have a cute pix of me helping Roy with the fencing......I am curled up on a blanket napping!! But when the issues with photo album are resolved I will show......maybe.
Over the years, we have tried to have a yard dog. Several in fact, all met their demise on the road. Our best and favorite was Bruizer. He was about 2 foot tall at the top of his head and weighed in at 50 pounds...a fat dog!! He went everywhere with Roy. He laid under the truck so that when Roy went somewhere he would be ready to go.......Roy forgot about him and run over him once. It only scared us and just gave Bruizer a little "road rash" on his belly. He was not a destructive dog.....but he would steal veggies from the garden. He loved cantalopes!! And every toy we ever gave him, he hid. He would have been the best drug dog....he was very sharp. But he loved to be in the road. Roy would catch him out there and beat him all the way back to the house. I found him at the end of the driveway one day, where some one had placed him after running over him. We have never had a yard dog since live up to that dog.
Until now.........well, Trixie is messy. But she is a quick learner and has NEVER STEPPED IN THE ROAD ONCE!!
And becuz she is such a mess. Roy decided to take a defensive stance with her about the garden.
She has already showed us that she will dig in the flower bed. And that she will chew on EVERYTHING....you would not believe the things that dog has drug up into the yard!! She goes thru the neighbor's burn pile.
Roy is going to fence the garden. Instead of putting her in the dog pen he is going to build another "pen" for my garden and swimming pool.
So we go down to the local farm supply store and price fencing......that stuff ain't cheap!!
When Roy and I go "shopping" there isn't anyone else in the world. WE have our "blinders" on where every one else is concerned. Store employees have stupidly asked if we needed any help and we look at them like, where did he come from and say, "What do you think?" Or Say, "Yes, but I don't think you are in the right profession to do us any good." We bicker very publicly and only ask for help when we agree upon what it is we want..........generally this takes a long time!!! WE are still in debate about lighting for the kitchen after living in this house for 11 years!! After a 30 minute debate on which fencing and 2 Roy Hightower Caniptions, we loaded up our roll of fence and headed home.
He started working in the garden yesterday and Trixie would not leave him and the tiller alone. If He were to run over her or she bites at one of the tines and gets hurt, I will not be happy. So he had to play fetch with her and till at the same time!!!
He will not lose in the battle of wills with Trixie........but it is early yet. She is only 9 months old!!!

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