Monday, February 19, 2007

The Battle of the Wills

The Battle of the Wills Part 2
Some time last week as I was going to work I noticed cat tracks on the windshield. I tried to wash them off but was out of washer fluid. No biggie. When I take Mrs BullMoose to have her hair done I will so wash the car.
As I was going out to her house, I noticed these huge paw prints on the windshield. I couldn't see them before but the sunlight was just right and it really showed them off! Those are the biggest cat paws I have ever seen!! I have heard tales of the cougars in the area but they would eat my outside cats and Trixie..........HEY!!! Wait a minute!!
Now let me add in a small story right here:
When I went to work in the animal health industry, the vet neutered a goat. A pygmie goat intended to be a family pet. 6 months pass by and the family with the goat came in with a dog. I asked about the goat. The woman looked at the floor and the man piped up and said, "That goat got to tap dancing on the Cadillac. He had to go!!"
Roy's dog Jose' is Tap dancing on my car!!!!!!! That dumb dog!!!!! He has to go!!!!
Now it is personal!!!
One of our weekend projects was to build a gate for the carport so I could keep my dog Trixie.
I also bought a hog bat to whip his dumb dog with. It looks like a riding crop but shorter. It is red to match my car. That woman that gave birth to me used to carry one in her car and use it on her lesi lover's son.....he would act up and she would switch him without ever having to turn around. I am sooooo glad that when she was my mother, she didn't have one of those things!!!
For those of you not in the loop.......we only have one dog. You can be brought up to speed by reading The Battle of the Wills, the first one. I have no clue how to link it you are on your own!!

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