Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Battle of the Wills

The Battle of the Wills Part 1
I was going to blog and bitch about something that could get me fired so I opt not to do that.......I think they read my emails as it is. Not that I care, they might learn a thing or two. But we won't go there.....
Roy and I see things
My dog is a female.
His dog is a male. And I quote, "Men should always male dogs." Let me just say, that it is getting neutered anyway so what is the difference!!
My dog is named Trixie, after the salon girl on Deadwood. I figured he would remember that. I hear it enough. "Trixie Get in Here.......and Bring the Bottle!"
His dog is named Jose', after the Bottle.....Mr Ceurvo, I thank you!!
My dog is smart. I taught her to fetch at a young age....12 weeks old and she was chasing after balls.
His dog is dumb. And know this becuz I hear that all the time......"You dumb Dog! Drop that!!"
His dog is so dumb that he followed me down the driveway once and I had to beat him all the way back up the hill until he was on the porch and the beating stopped. One bad habit stopped....ASAP!!
My dog is so smart that she knows the difference between leaving the house to go to work and just going out to start and warm up the car. That when I have my Red bag and keys in hand, fiddle with the door, she sits on her "box" until I leave. She always get a pat on the head and reassurance that she is a good girl.
WE only have ONE dog.
And the current moment she is winning the battle of wills.
Her doghouse is on the back porch. Upon it is perched a platform that the cats can get up on and eat their food in peace away from Trixie. But the problem is that Trixie loves to eat the cat food. Huge NO-NO!! So has she has grown and her little legs strengthen she has learned how to get up there.
So Roy raises her doghouse 4 inches.
And then it went to 6 inches.
And then it went to the width of a cinder block.
And then it went to the cinder block and a cap block which think is about 15. Which puts the platform a good 3 feet above the ground. He was so proud of hisself. He has outwitted her at last and the cats can eat in peace and the dog's not going to become sick from eating cat food.
Until last night.....He poked his head out to check on the backyard. He does this for no good reason but it is a man thing and I don't have to understand it. And there she was!!! She was so proud of herself!! She had out outwitted him and made it to the top of the platform.
When he gets a chance on the weekend he is going to raise it some more!!! He has not yet began to fight!!

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