Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Battle of the Wills-Ralph

One day last week Ralph was not feeling like his "chew on everything in sight" self. He just laid around and didn't eat or drink. The alarms in my head were going off...PARVO!! He had his shot a few days before but he could still have contracted it from when he went home to mother...........they just run loose......and right now all of Ralphie's siblings are lost......So we saved Ralph!
Well, I scooped him up and took to the BossMan. It's good to work for a vet! Ralph's temperature was fine. But the BossMan kept him, "until he eats something" so Ralph stayed overnight. He must have just ate a bug or something that upset his stomach.
A few days later when I came home from work, Roy was stomping around all huffy. "All I have done since I got home is follow that pup around. I have picked dozens of things out of his mouth. He eats everything!! I walk him around, he squats, we go in the house, he pees inthe floor............BlahBlah Blah......"
He sounded like a overworked housewife with a house full of toddlers, I couldn't help but laugh! I now know what it would have been like to have a baby with him. He was frettin' so much over Ralph, trying to get him to poop outside and eat only dog food. He was just fit to be tied!! He had been so busy with Ralph that he hadn't gotten to take his afternoon pottie break! He was a little testy to say the least.
I handed him a box.
"What is this?"
"More Babies to feed!" Some cruel person had put two kittens in a plastic sack and put them in a dumpster. Another person heard them crying, rescued them and brought them to me. They are about a week old!! The other 3 are doing well and have had their eyes open for a while now.
It is early yet........there will be more to come!

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