Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Battle of the Wills Part 4

Our dog Trixie is smarter than your average dog.
She and Roy are buttin’ heads again.
Since Ralph the pup came into our family, her place in the peckin’ order has fallen. She isn’t played with as much. And she has to stay on the porch while Roy takes Ralph out for his morning walk.
She hates it!
We have caught her leading Ralph down the driveway or at least when we call her, she comes running up the driveway with Ralph in tow………I think she is trying to get him killed!
So Trixie is not left to babysit Ralph. The last time that happened Ralph went home to live with his other mommy…..she just live behind us.
When we can’t watch the two of them or we want to do things that Ralph can’t be apart of……tilling the garden , working on the pickup, weed eatin’ or mowing…..there is always mowing….he gets put in one of his cages out on the back porch.
One morning, Roy put him in a cage and came back in the house to get ready for work. When he went back out to get Ralph, he was free!
Now how’d that happen??
Roy was stumped!!
He put Ralph back in the cage and came back in the house. But this time he watched from the back door. Trixie looked up at the backdoor and when she thought it was safe……she opened the cage and let Ralph out!!
Roy was stunned!! “That dumb dog!! She is letting’ him out!”
Now just how dumb is she????
We have brought Ralph’s cage in the house so he can be put up at night… keep him from poopin’ in the middle of the livin’ room……and so the kittens can have his box……he was sleepin’ in the wood box. So now that leaves one cage outside for Ralph to be kept in for his safety…..he needs all the protection he can get with Trixie trying to do him in!!
Roy noticed one evening that Trixie was on top of her dog house eatin’ cat food…..and you know what he went thru on that……..Geez it is never ending with those two!! She would jump up on top of the cage and then up on the top of the dog house…….so he moved the cage.
Yesterday, Roy put Ralph in his cage and tied it shut. Looked at Trixie triumphantly, “Take That! You Dumb Dog!”
She tried to untie the string and when that didn’t work she moved the cage over to the doghouse and jumped up all the way to the top of dog house……”I just eat cat food if I can’t play with Ralph!”
Now just how dumb is that dog????

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