Monday, February 12, 2007

The 411!!

Attention!! Attention Class!!
There may be a quiz afterwards!!

I am just full of information today.

The Who is making a stop in Little Rock!!! March 22!!!!

Roy and I was just talking about it this am. He didn't see the point. "They are old."
You're old but I don't throw you out!!
What a weirdo!!

The Daryl Starbird Car show is this weekend in Tulsa!!!
I have a pretty good chance of talkin' him into this! Monster trucks, custom cars, motorcycles and maybe some girls in year the Texas Bikini Team was there....He just might go for that!!

Reba is coming to CountryFest in June!!! CountryFest is a 4 day outdoor concert in Pryor, Oklahoma.
I was lookin' up the concert schedule for Big and Rich...they are gonna be there Friday night. And I saw that Reba was comin' for Saturday!!!!
Now I'm perplexed!!! Which day do I go?????

Last year when I look up the CountryFest schedule, Carrie Underwood was on the schedule. I asked Roy if he wanted to go, "No, I don't want to do that."
I didn't press him becuz I was gettin' to go see Skynyrd, Big and Rich, 38 Special and Uncle Ted!!

But.....and this a huge but!!!!

We went out to eat with the Deacon and his Wife after a funeral of a friend of ours. We had a pleasant time! We chatter about everything pertaining to COPS....There was 3 at the table. War stories and things that were gonna happen in the future.
Time to leave, Roy paid for everyone's meal. And we parted ways.
A few days later, I received an email from the Deacon'sWife, "Guess What we did?"
Come on Guess!!!!
Yep!!! They went to see Carrie Underwood at CountryFest!!! Not one word was said at supper!
But that is not the kick in the ass!!
There were pictures!!!
Not just any pictures taken from 70 feet away!!
But there was the Deacon and his Wife standin' next to Lil' CarrieOkie!!!!!
I shit you not!!!!!
They didn't say one word at supper!!!!!!
I growled at Roy for days over that one!!! If he would have said yes, I would have said something to them about going....I invited them to go with us to see Big and Rich.....I am that kind of gal....a great one.....the more the merrier.....and they would have said "Really Us too!" And I could have had met Lil' CarrieOkie!!

But NO!

My mother went to see Ronnie Milsap at the Mabee Center in Tulsa in the '80's. She came home loaded with information.
"Guess who opened up for Ronnie Milsap?"
"Mom, If ain't Ac/Dc, I don't have a clue!"
"Charlie Battle's wife!"
"The lady from the school cafeteria?"
"No! That is his first wife."
Charlie Battles to my mother is like Brad Pitt to me! He was some sort of champion rodeo guy from her home town....I can't remember is it was bulldoggin' or ropin'.......That is the big time for a small town girl!!
"So Lance and Cody's stepmom opened for Milsap? Good luck with that."

I was a dumb girl that didn't know beyond my own little world...who knew?
Did Reba ever make the best of that!!!
She divorced Charlie and moved on to become a legend!!
I have been so close to greatness all my life and just didn't know it, nor did I see it comin'!!

Will we be goin' to CountryFest this year?? You can bet your SweetAss we will!!


Proto said...

Go to all of them!
Which one, indeed...

ZooKeeper said...

I'd go see Reba! I love me some Reba and you just saw Big n Rich last year anyways, they ain't going nowhere but Reba may retire at any time. Reba Reba Reba!!

Anonymous said...

Go to all that you can get the winter blues out of your system you deserve it!!!! Again i am not a fan of country music but i did like the who growing up......but fun is fun!!!! We used to go to our festival in Fla every year saw Joe Walsh too cool and a bunch of others it was always fun to the point where it got to hot for me inside & i uhm passed out for a minute hehe....remember the days lol where did you go this past week-end?? ok lots to do this week so i can get ready to hit the road to Fla myself....hugs ~PPA~

Kendra said...

Oh do get one! They're ungodly expensive, but BELIEVE me, they're worth it. Roy will love it. Get him one for Valentines day!

Sherrie said...

I am far from a true blue country fan, but I'd go see Reba or Carrie in a heartbeat!!!!

I really should blog, but since I've been out of town all day until 10 this evening at Figure Skating tests, I thought instead I'd just do some light reading, glad I did as usual. And CLEARLY I can see you're still nuts!!!!! Hehehehe sorry couldn't resist that one ~hugs~

mannyed said...

I'm so going to fail this quiz.