Monday, December 11, 2006


I got nothin'!
No Great shopping trips.....I don't do shopping at Christmas time.....too many amateurs for me!!
NO concerts.
NO booze fueled sex left for another day. I am so not in the mood.
NO wild Weekend.....We have a RedHawk Down! A RedHawk Down!
Aunt Martha came for a visit.
The Red River flows.....I'm on the rag....get it... Roy didn't!
I laid on the couch most of the weekend with Prince Valium and ate M&M's.
Well nothin' isn't entirely true.....two very significant things were said this last weekend.
That all gambling would come to a halt.....I see no reason to continue givin' my hard earned money to the Casinos. Roy said it best, "I would rather buy things than to piss it away."
Well, I whole heartedly agree!!
Massages, purses and most importantly......SHOES!!
Roy announced he would be takin' a leave of absence from our marriage....he would be goin' to California to console Jennifer Aniston as she is single and would need to him. He would return in January if he isn't pregnant by then!!
Power to Ya, Mr!!
Have a nice trip!
Wear a condom!
Write if you find work!
You have my number!
January is when his birthday celebration at the TittieBar occurs....he wouldn't want me to go without him!!
Happy Muckin' Fonday!!!!

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