Thursday, November 02, 2006

I Will Survive....

I'm a fighter!! I will survive! Even it kills me!!! Hhhhhmmm.....
I really had a horrible time yesterday. I posted yesterday about 9ish....and that was just the start!
I hit my head on a cage....right in the crown of my head....and it really smarts!!
Not as bad as the time I turned at full trot into the Xray machine....with the whole side of my head!!!
I think it's call Blunt Force Trauma....That HURT like a FotherMucker!!!
I could see CSI doing that thing that they do...takin' imprints off my skull to determine what killed me....."We can trace back these two tiny screws to a GE Xray Machine Model number XJ72 made in 1943"
A mere mortal might have been knocked out but I only cussed....In front of the Vet's "Pure as the driven Snow" Daughter......and I don't think she has EVER heard such words judging by the look on her face!!! A sort of cross between "Oh My! That Poor Woman" and that "Was too funny, Do it again!"
But back to yesterday.......
I choked on my own spit...Gum can be deadly if chewing and answering a little girls question....don't try it alone.
You know how sometimes a bit of spit goes down your windpipe.....I was not very good at coverin' up the fact that I was near death by spit.
What do you do??!!
Like I can perform the Hind-Reach Manuever on myself....MY CHAIR ROLLS!!!!
And cats....what is it with cats and urinary problems??!!??
Cat Number 1......No problem.....Let's treat matter how many times I type doesn't look get the jist!
Cat Number 2......Here is a problem.....Let's get urine to test.....Male you know that they pee straight out when helped? I didn't!! And it squirted straight at me and all over my arm. LOVERLY!!
Cat Number 3..... Female cat....I wasn't takin' any chances and stood to the side and closed my eyes!
I didn't know I actually collected the urine!!!
I thought it was on the table!! And The BossMan said, "We got it!" I was shocked!!
The beans and ham....brown beans....pinto....turned out well!
The key to beans is soakin' over night in salt water. Add ham, onions, and some garlic....go easy on the garlic otherwise you defeat the purpose of the beans and ham. I didn't add extra salt as the ham steak is always salty. The best meal for 5 people for under $4!!
And for those of you that wanted would Shit and Fall back in it if you got a FedEx package from me!! But alas, they are gone.
And MzKaty....Have you ever watched "Apollo 13"? When the shit hits the fans and that wicked shimmy starts while in space....Tom Hanks says, "Houston, We have a problem."....Houston is the command center for NASA....And being the resident SpaceCadet of in the world of fits me like a glove! Which are red leather, by the way!!
"Lunatic Fringe....we know you are out there. But in these new dark ages, There will see be light."
I hope so!!

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