Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Shoppin' With Roy....

I read in Shop Etc that women spend 101.7 minutes in one month shopping for clothes.
And Men shop 58.9.
Not a shock to me.
We, women, look for the bargain. We go from store to store for the best price. We try EVERYTHING on. Some things look great on the hanger but after you get it on…..NOPE! Why waste time buying it and it not work out???
Men…..socks, underwear, Harley shirts and Levi’s….what else is there???
Okay, some men are not that simple….And then there is Roy Hightower.
The last time I prepared him for a cruise, it got ugly!
I knew better than to suit him up in a tux so I opted for a nice pair of dress pants and a shirt….NO TIE!
We agreed, NO TIE!
When He and I shop, there isn’t anybody else in the Mall. There may be hundreds of people but we don’t see them.
WE are in our own little world.
We don’t ask for help unless it is to referee an argument.
And Lord, Help the One that is brave enough to ask, “Can I help you?”
We both look at this poor person like, “take one more step and your death in certain”…..I politely say no and Roy announces that we are beyond help and that it is best if we are given a wide berth.
After 3 stores and 6 KnockDown DragOuts later, we came up with a two pair of khaki pants , one pair black!
Once when we went shopping for boots, it was 2 states , 6 towns, and 8 stores before we came up with the right pair.
The man drives me nuts in more ways than one!!!
This last time, I went with Mrs BullMoose and we suited his ass without him and he will be as stunning as I am…..whether he likes it or not!
Less than 2 weeks left…..I am so stoked!!!!

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