Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Oldest Car I Drove....

Mz Magick said she drove an Old Buick that she had to "Lumberjack" the steering wheel.....well Let me tell you about The Beast.
It was a 1959 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88. It had a mind of its own. I had to grip the steering wheel with both hands or I would be thrown all over the road. It wasn't one of those cars that you could be cool and drive with One hand!! So we called it the Beast. I had a tire blow out as I was driving in the lefthand lane on a four lane road and that damn thing pulled itself over to the shoulder.......clear over on the right side of the road....I didn't!!
Scared me to death!!
It had been in a fender bender with a semi and needed some body work. Earl Lee, My ex-hubby thought he was going to fix it up and have a car to travel to car shows and, well, he had big dreams.
The headliner was in good shape and the seats had already been redone so all that was left was some engine work and the body. He took over the engine and I took over the body of the Beast! I did a pretty good job on the smooth parts but that one spot where it had rolled into someone's house and dented its front quarter panel, I never got that straighted out.
I drove the hell outta that car! Rhinestone CatEye sunglasses and all!!
It was like a tank. A tree in our driveway fell on it and I just got in and drove it damage!!
I was sideswiped by some old man in a pickup. No damage!! He had the nerve to say I was in his blind spot!!!
That had to be a hella of big blindspot!!!!
This is the car that you sneak all your friends into the Drive-in Movies with!!!
This is the car that babies are made... in the front seat....without the steering wheel getting in the way........come to think of it......I never did it in the Beast...huh??
Becuz Earl Lee was in charge of the engine, it had it's secret to starting.
It just took a screw driver.
Placed between the starter and the cylinoid (sp).....It's one of those "use it or lose it" things....stop driving junk, lose all the terminology....anyways......then after the screw driver is in place you just connect the two and the Beast started...simple!
Until the day Earl Lee caused an arc that connected with his wedding band...."burnt" or melted the ring to his finger...when he pulled that frickin' hot thing off, it pulled the skin with gross!!! But he fixed it and I never had to use the screw driver any more!!!
It had fins but not like a Cadillac......they were more pointed out towards the back not up like a Cadillac.
And they hurt! One night Earl Lee and my brother were out and the Beast lost a hub cap. Bub got out to go get it and Earl Lee thought he would just back up to pickup Bub, when he hit Bub with the car!
3 sutures!!!
He can say he was finned by a '59 Olds!!
All that fun for only $150....not counting the repairs or trips to the emergency room!!
I wish I could find a pix of it....but I am not sure where to start looking. That was way back in 1988 and Earl Lee is gone and Roy's thing are in place.......You will just have to google it!

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