Friday, July 07, 2006

Horses and Heat....

One of the new guys on the loggin’ crew called Roy a horse.
And he is!
He will work himself into the ground at whatever he does. I have never seen a man more driven to succeed at his given task. NO matter what it is….digging a hole or limbin' trees.
Being 56, he makes it his goal to work circles around the younger men on the crew….and he does.
I worry about him in this heat. He comes home just worked to a frazzle. He does his chores around the house, showers, eats and then off to bed.
All done by 8:00.…That alarm goes off at 4:45.
He is a WorkHorse.

The last two weekends when we have gone shopping for things for the cruise. He wanted a good pair of binoculars. I wanted a new swimsuit and another roll around suitcase.
He is not fun to shop with and it takes two weekends to get it thru to him just what I want…..I will have to tell you some day about that!
Anyway, he wanted to play pool the first weekend and I came up lame in the last stretch of shopping....Too much Ted Nugent and Steve Madden Heels…..I must have strained a muscle in my ankle.
“It’s no biggie I can stand and play pool.”
“Nope! Let’s go home.”

So this last weekend we went to play pool first. 5 games and I won the first one….it takes a bit for him to get his groove on and then it’s “run the table and whip her ass!”
Then to the mall, 3 stores and 1 tizzy over which suitcase to buy, I began to feel a bit icky.
Really Icky!

I passed out on him once and when I tell him, “pitch the tent!”
I am done!
Stick a fork in me I am done!!
He knows he needs to do something quick!
He said, “Hey, what’s the deal?! I can out shop you?? I am a horse!”

“Well, I am a ShowPony. Not a WorkHorse. Not a RaceHorse. I am to be kept in an air conditioned stable and hand fed. Some one is to wash me and comb my hair. I am to be brought out for show purposes only. I am not good with excessive heat and lack of water. And if you do not get me something to drink ASAP I will hit the floor like a 5 pound sack of potatoes!”

One bottle of Sprite later we are looking at Harleys in The Harley Cathedral.
I just need something to drink.

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