Monday, June 12, 2006

There Ought To Be a Law!!!

I think there should be a law about people not fartin' in the pool!!!
Roy is the world's most that a word........person that I have ever met!!!!
He farts in the bath water and then asks if I want the water!!??
Gross!!! NO!!!
You know there has to be a little fecal matter that comes out!
And I want to bathe in that!!??
I think not!!!
So last night he got in the pool and I don't know, maybe the coolness of the water hittin' his balls set him off, but good Lord, he started fartin'!!
And HE is PROUD of this!!!!!
Then he goes around checkin' it for leaks. It is a blow up pool from Walmart.....he has this theory that if he pushes the rim down and splashes water on it he will find the leak.
I heard the bubbles breakin' the surface and so I made a comment that he did indeed find a leak, only for him to say...."Call the fire department......I think it's methane!!"

If I Were QUEEN Of the World.......There Would be NO FARTIN' IN THE POOL!!!!!!!
I'm gonna consult with my pool lady on that one!

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