Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Weekend Highlights and Date Night!!

I highly recommend that couples participate in Date Night..... No Kids!!
Just the two...very important!! Put a cowboy hat on Roy and he looks like Kenny Rogers!!
Dinner at a new place. Becuz it is new, it is popular!!
Table for Turner, party of two....I never give them my real name. First, the little hostess can't spell it AND you wouldn't believe how hard it is to pronounce HighTower after it has been spelled wrong......could it be the accent??
Haaatowr!! HiiiiTowr!!
I don't see the problem.
So for the night I am Mrs Turner. We have tried other names, Harley Weewax and Mrs Tom Fullery but the same problem with spelling!
50 minute wait!! So I grabbed Roy by his sleeve and drag him off to the Bar. One couple was leaving and the man leaned over to Roy and told that he could have his table as it was first come first serve.....Well, You don't have to us twice!! 20 Minutes!! Roy said, "What do we do when they call our name?"
"We won't worry about it!"
In an effort to Pay the Favor Forward, Roy tells the couple that took our seats of this information about the first come first serve......some people you have to tell twice and they missed the table. They were not as quick as Roy and I when it comes to jumping on a good deal!
Then our name was called!! Roy leans over and says, "They just called us. Go, grab our table. Be the Turners!"
And off they went!!
Is That cheating?? Or just working the system to our advantage??
After a Texas Tea, a Margarita, and a glass of water.............I have to go fish! I told him quite plainly, "I will be back!"
But upon my return my date turned into a tall good looking black man....hhhmmmm....maybe another day. Over in the crowd, Roy was in the middle of the foyer with my pink purse looking like some one who just came down off of Backdoor Mountain, telling people, "If you call me a sissy, I will hit you with my purse!"
Saturday: Work in the am and tackled and finished the sudoku puzzle!! Oh ,I did some work for the office.
Roy worked some cows with the boys.
I ran some errands.
Roy worked on the dog house problem. His last words as he went out the door was, "I will win!"
Which by the way, the dog had him convinced that she could not jump into the new and improved house as he was making her some steps!!!
"Honey, she can jump into the truck."
Oh no he tried and she wouldn't go.
So I got a treat......she jumped right in without any trouble!! He looks at me like, "you smart ass!"
I made lots of margaritas maybe too many! I woke up Sunday morning with a hickey that neither of us remember!! Roy was quite sure he didn't do it!
Well, I must have done it then!

Sunday: Super Bowl Sunday!!
We went to the Casino blew a few bucks. A booze free day.
Then the game!!
Now all I am going to say is that we feel the National Anthem should be sang correctly and with out adding extra lines or an extended version. This is a very important thing to the Veteran at our house!! 'nuff said.
The coin toss was a clusterfuck. The Ref had no control over it but he did make up for it later as he took a TD from the Seahawks and also gave a TD to the Steelers. As an Okie, I am used to bad calls and Refs helping the other team and live with it......I will bitch about it but I live with it!!!
I was a little disappointed about the commercials......the magic Fridge and the Ameriquest ads were good.
And life goes on.................

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