Monday, April 03, 2006

Oklahoma Weather....

I should have known that Saturday was going to an awful day. It is April Fool's Day. It couldn't help but be an odd day.
It started out the driveway!!
7:35, I went off to work. I stopped to get my newspaper and every man and his coon dog that owned a bass boat was there fueling up and getting food for the day. What a clusterfuck! All I wanted was my newspaper!
And I have to follow 3 of them to the lake area. With a Semi coming up the wahzoo and bass boats without trailer lights stopped in the road making lefthand turns in front of me..............Wow!! I just wanted to mind my own business and go to work!
So with it being April Fool's day, I expect people to try to trick me.
I'm blonde.
It just happens!
But trying to say that someone died??? That's not funny. That still bugs me. My very most FAV Navy Pilot once sent me a joke that his crew did to him on April Fool's day. It was like a newspaper article about his ability at being a "WhackMaster ". THAT was funny!
12:02, I head home.
My drive is 10 miles and it takes me 15 minutes. I can do it in 12 but that's flying!! That's another story..............It was God's turn to throw a joke at me. He has a great sense of humor!
The storms started to roll in from the east. I could see the funnels coming down!! I thought about pulling over and getting you some pix but they went right back up just as quick as they came down!! So awesome!!
I could hear Roy's vioce in my head, "Quit dickin' around and get that car under cover before the Hail comes!!"
Now at 12:12, all the bass boats were gettin' the hell out of Dodge!! What a clusterfuck!! They WANTED out of the water!!!!! The lightening was cracking all around and they were freakin' out!!
Can't really blame them. But they are drivin' like mad men, pulling out in front of me, like that!! I just wanted to get home, get Roy and take him back to where I saw the funnels coming down.
He was mowing the YARD!!!!
He had no idea what was going on!!
He could see that I was freaked, so he said to go check it out on the TV.
The electric was off!! No surprise there, with all the lightening. We were posted out on the porch in the lawn chairs watching the skys and a lightening bolt hit so close you could see sparks coming off of it!
No Hail!
No Tornado!!
Just Rain!
We sat there for a while eating cold chicken and bread and butter.
The electric came back on at about 2:30.
All was calm and peaceful.
What a beautiful day!!
Will Rogers said, "If you don't like the weather in Oklahoma, just wait a minute and it will change."

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