Thursday, April 06, 2006

Oak Trees and Rabbit Brains

We have this ongoing debate.......okay, so it is one of many ongoing debates...........This one is about when to plant Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower.......when the girls were little, we called it "Rabbit Brains".....which makes me think of the time a deer run out in front of the pick up in a we fed the girls RoadKill and Rabbit Brains.......I know.....Redneck....and just goes to show you why they are warped........anyway........and other cold weather plants.
And they are not really cold weather plants....they just do so much better in the cooler temps than the sweltering heat of summer......Okay to the point......
I think that these types plants should planted when the Oak trees have buds the size of squirrel ears. I got that piece of information from an old man at the feed store..........old men at feed store know their garden shit!
Not peach trees.......those are the dumbest trees I have seen! They are prone to bloom the first of March and for Pete's always freezes one last time and the blooms always die and I never get dumb!!!
The Oak Tree knows it shit!
It tells me I can plant Mid March!
Roy seems to think we should wait until all threat of frost is gone. He says what I think are buds are really leaves and squirrel ears are bigger than I think.............and the fight is on!
Becuz I know the difference between buds and leaves!!
This year I let Roy Hightower have his way........we planted the cold plants when all threat of frost is gone and the 4 inch soil temp is 65. That would be April 1st or so.
Friday night, he asked me when was the cauliflower ready to pick.
"When it is so big and is white...why?" and I showed him a gesture with my hands about the size of a dinner plate.
"Well it is purple and only this big." and makes a gesture with his hands that is about the size of a tennis ball.
I bit the inside of my mouth. "Let's give it a day or two and then we will pick it."
He didn't look at me and said, "I think we should have planted it sooner than we did."
YES!!!YES!!! YES!!!!
And another funny little tale........ garden related.......
He told me get the plants from a certain nursery instead of WalMart, becuz one year we didn't get the pepper plants I wanted......I had some odd banana plant and I wanted jalapenos.
People move labels around and things are mis-marked......So I went and bought Broccoli.....lots of it!!
But what is growing out there is Brussels Sprouts!!! Totally NOT MY FAULT!!
I ask the woman and that is what she gave me. It is hard to tell when they all look alike as seedling!!!!
Brussels Sprouts anyone?? To go with my purple rabbit brains!!!

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