Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Movies and TV.....

Roy and I LOVE movies. We are big TV people too. So much so the we plan our lives around certain shows like Survivor. If you miss one of those you are totally lost.
We tried to get into LOST but when they stopped the series to rerun it........that just loses us. That is the whole idea of a series, is it not?? To show the series in order???
That is why we stick to HBO.
We love The Sopranos and Deadwood. They show them in order, right down the line. No skipping back and forth.....that just Drives me nuts!!!
We haven't been to the movies since the last Harry Potter movie. I am Potter freak. And Roy's a good sport so he goes along. I even drug him to see Finding Nemo. I figure it is a good trade. I have seen every war movie that has ever been made in the last 12 years.....but one.
But lately there has not been a movie that has been worth the debate and price of a ticket.
King Kong: Good movie but how many times does it have to be done?? And I sure that the last one is the best but can they not think up something original.
All the remakes of 70's sitcoms and beloved TV shows is just embarrassing.
There was no way I could talk him into going to see the Longest Yard......"I saw the first one.", is the most common answer that I get. I dont' force the issue. I have a real big problem with glorifing criminials anyway.
Jarhead: "That is not my Marine Corps!" and personally, I didn't want to be sitting in a dark theater with only man in the room yelling "Bullshit!" at the screen.
Been there.
Done that.
Any cop movie!! "Oh that will is just Bullshit! He has violated the Policy and Procedure Manual at least 15 times and he would be fired!"
The only movie that comes close to "His Marine Corps" is Full Metal Jacket boot camp scenes. And they are "candy coated!"
The last one we watch from the Satellite was Stateside....brief boot camp scenes......"Oh, he would be spending time in the brig for that! You can't hit a superior officer and walk away from it! There is Hell to pay!"
And if by chance, they hit the mark......I didn't want to be sitting in a dark theater with the only man calling cadence!!
"One! Two! Three! Four! I love the Marine Corps!" In his best R Lee Emery voice.
It sounds really cool once he gets going.......when we were in a large party trekking thru the rainforest in Belize....sure! But not in the theater!
We have a good size DVD collection. That avoids the outbursts!!
He just loves O Brother where art thou. He didn't watch it with me the first time but heard me laughing so much that he had to watch it. He almost has it memorized he has watched it so much.
Tombstone: He has it memorized word for word..... "You tell 'em I comin' and Hell's comin' with me!"
Young Guns 2: He has 2 copies so when the other one wears out............is the possible??
Snatch: That is just the funniest movie!! He is not real hip to English movies but that one he loves!
My viewing pleasure of course includes Brad Pitt.
Interview of the Vampire.....you get Brad and Antonio with all that hair........double hot!! Tom Cruise just doesn't do it for me. Top Gun is okay but Goose doesn't have to die.....maim him, but his death is needless!!
Troy....... just to see his nekked ass and hair!
Legends of the Fall ........... the long hair.....that is pure porn for me!
The Last of the Mochians.....Hair and that line...."Stay alive...... I will find you!" just before he jumps thru the waterfall........melts my butter every time!!
So I guess I will have to wait to see the Johnny Cash movie on DVD.......we saw him in concert on our honeymoon......it was not good.
And Brokeback Mountain..........for obvious reasons too numerous to get into. "You are not buying your own copy, are you?"
Hey, to each his own!!

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