Friday, April 21, 2006

Maybe It's Just Me.....

Yesterday, I walked out to get the mail at work. The wind caught a postcard and it blew about 12 feet away. I walked over to where it was and reached down to pick it up and ….. Holy O’Shit and Muck Fe!!!
There was snake poised to strike!!! My first thought was to stomp on it and then I thought better of that!
The air temp was 59 so I think it was too cold for it to think fast….I know it was pretty Cuckin’ Fold for me!!
So I called Roy, he was at home becuz of all the rain….”Honey, what does a Copperhead look like?”
And starts telling me stuff that didn’t look anything like what I saw…”Let me tell you what just tried to get me!”
“Yep, that is a Copperhead!” He said. He thought it best to leave it alone and not attempt to kill it and take it home for him to look at it.
I could have taken it pix and take it home but he said “Do Not Go Back Out There and Mess With It, Period!”
“Sir Yes Sir!”

The only good snake is one that makes a pair shoes and matching purse!!

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