Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Gardening With Roy....

For the first time in 5 years, Roy wants to have big garden. WE haven't really been in the big garden mood since the girls left home. Just some peppers, tomatoes and okra.
But this year.........we are going all out!!
I bought seeds and plants. He prep the ground, bought mushroom compost, and worked it in.
Let me give you a bit of history and science...........Mushroom compost is really a chicken crap mixture......and it smells really bad...... and it steams......that the local mushroom farm discards.
Well, sell is a better word. It used to be $12 a truckload. And now it is $20 a truckload. And it doesn't matter if you have a normal size pickup or a little Toyota, you get two dumps from the Bobcat....Roy felt he was getting cheated, so he built some "special" sideboards.
Imagine a wheat truck the size of a Toyota 4x4.....make it red or it just isn't right......with a dent in the door from where Roy tried to tear the door off.......Funny story.....for another time.....So off he goes to get MushroomShit in his "WheatTruck". He gets in the long line of folks wanting to buy MushroomShit and after a while it is his turn to get his load. He motions for the Bobcat driver to dump on another scoop....that would be 3!! And the little Toyota squats something fierce.......the front tires are really just sorta floating......and he drives by my office with a big opossum eatin' shit grin, waves, and off he goes to put his MushroomShit in the garden.
Men are so easily amused.
That MushroomShit is the best stuff for growing veggies. People think I am nuts but we had 8 foot tall Okra plants!
And 6 hills of Watermelon produced 50 melons!!! I had them all over the house!! My Granny and I made watermelon jellie......but it didn't work out so is more like watermelon syrup.........real good to flavor Vodka!
Roy has wanted one of those Mantis tiller for like the TroyBilt wasn't good enough......and when it crapped out, the Sears Craftsman..........."Oh but it is too big to get around the tomatoe cages"
So I waved my magic wand and called in a favor.
In the past, I have given my veggies to the local tribe to help feed the Senior Citizens. One would think that all that money the casinos are pulling in that the tribe wouldn't have money problems but I really don't want to get on my soap box about that right now. I called the Chief's wife.......she is like the Hillary Clinton of the Tribes......she is like a mother to me.......she feeds my critters when I am gone........and I do the same for them when they go to the horse races......I know she has one of those tillers. They haven't had a garden in years.......I have been supplying them with tomatoes and I asked if we could borrow it to see if Roy really wanted to invest in another......boy toy......I mean, manly garden machine. The Chief said to keep it!!
With his opossum eatin' shit grin Roy said, "Really?? " ...doing the happy dance.
Now with all the Rain, planting has stopped. And that means the weeds are thumbin' their noses at Roy and he can't do anything about it until it drys out.

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