Monday, March 27, 2006

Open Mouth and Insert Foot.....

It happened innocently enough. I didn't know. He excused me, he said I didn't know. But that doesn't make me feel any better...............
There is this elderly gentleman, Mr. CrankyPants, that comes in with a poodle that I groom. He is a surly man, a down right ass when he wants to be! He is one of those that makes me think of my Gramps, (cold shudder). He just takes over the room. He is the focal point.
Though I would rather deal with him than the Mr. PervyMan. Another elderly gentleman that I wish the BossMan would handle.
Mr. PervyMan "looks me up".
The BossMan said "Looks you up?"
So I, "looked him up". He blushed and I didn't even lick my lips the way Mr PervyMan does!! Now for those that don't know what it is to be "looked up", it is being looked over from head to toe and stopping at the crotch and chest area. And if you are Mr. PervyMan, there is lip licking!!
At least he doesn't blow kisses at me like Mr. MarchHare.
But I am way off base here........
Mr. CrankyPants came in and sat down with his poodle and started talking to while I was helping a lady. So I had to stop and involve him in our conversation about worms. And as I was finishing up with her, I asked about his wife. I knew she had been in the hospital about 2 weeks ago. And matter of factly he said, "Oh we buried her on Saturday." I was floored! I didn't see that one coming.
Both the lady and I started giving our condolences. And for the first time ever I felt the need to hug him. He looked frazzled. He is not the huggable type......he needs one though.
I didn't know. Geez!! I felt like a SouthWest ad!! Wanna get away........

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